Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blizzard 2010: In The Middle Of Winter

Today I had the worst toothache of my life. And there was nothing I could do about it. Im still afraid it might come back. I still feel some pressure on it. I need to go to the Dentist but I am scared shitless. I know there gonna tell me horrible news. I guess this is my way of not wanting to know that I need all my teeth ripped out. But I have to go. The pain was unbearable. I sat down with my head in my hands wishing and praying that the pain will go away. I hoped and hoped and hoped. Eventually the pain was dying off slowly. It started stopping very very slowly. Finally, it disappeared and I took a long nap on my bed. It was horrible. Because you can't even sleep with pain like that all on your mouth. And I am so happy and blessed by something out here in this world because it stopped. Here on the east coast I am still snowed in. So I couldn't go to the dentist now even if I wanted too. Man, what a pain. Thank the heavens for making it cease.
I had an eye appointment Monday. Rose broke me out the house and took me. We got it both together.
As far as fashion, I can't even shop until this winter wonderland stops. We are already in the middle of February already. I have been having little moments where I think about seeing Greg again. How I feel the rush already. I feel the shyness and awkward hello hug. It will be almost like meeting love all over again. This is how I know Im close to seeing him. I cant even imagine it. I hardly hear from him lately. Im guessing he is busy. He just left Kuwait a few weeks ago, and just picked up Corporal. Im so proud of him.
By the way, I am getting this vibe from a certain someone who I think feels I do not deserve Greg at all. Im feeling that kind of vibe and I am not feeling it. Let me just say this. And Im not gonna name names. But Greg is an amazing guy. And he married me. He wanted to start a life with me. And I know I come off like an asshole and a bitch to him, but I am not. I am firm with Greg only because I want to get my point across. I want my part in communication to be heard. I am a firm wife, or was a firm girlfriend. And to alot of people that comes off bitch-like. NO it does not! I don't believe in not saying how you feel and letting someone you care about walk all over you. Thats not me and its not gonna happen. Greg got down on his knee for me, not my bitch fit. I did not tell him to buy a ring, and I surely did not tell him to fucking marry me. Speaking your mind to your man does not make you a bitch, it means you have standards...I don't let a guy walk all over me, and obviously it works. I refuse to let a guy walk over me. So, my rant pretty much means Im not a bitch towards my husband...I speak my mind. Stop looking for excuses to find reasons on why shit isnt going right for yourself...because I got my shit together.....thanks.
Well, the week is almost over. I get paid friday. I want February to hurry up and dip, because March is the time where I need to get ready to leave maryland and go back home to California.
Time is going fast I must admit, It would go faster if I was not stuck in the house. I hope this lame Blizzard goes away....

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