Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Maryland Bluez: Get Me The F$%&# OuttA Here!

Well I am snowed in. Like I said before I am pretending my foot is screwed up. I am hoping around like I am in pain. Snow is kinda melting. School will be tomorrow for my mom. Thank god. But this Friday coming up it is suppose to be a snow storm. At least then my dad will be home. So she can complain about shit with him.
I wish I could get away from this place. I miss California. I miss my husband who I have not heard from in a weeks worth of time. I can tell my friends are top toeing around me. Hoping not to say the wrong thing when I am around. I can not blame them. Right now I am in a horrible mood. I hate life and everything about it. I swear Im Emo or Gothic...just I do not wear the clothes. My personality is bubbly but when I get upset, I break. I can tell everyone sees it. My dad sees it. My friends see it. I guess all I can do is stay at one with myself. Try my hardest to stay sane. I know when I get back home its gonna be a headache getting things back to normal. Im sure it is.
The suns coming out now. Hopefully to melt away this headache called snow. I am home with my beloved mom, everyones hooking up with there boyfriends, I havent had sex in almost a year.....and i have not heard from Greg in almost a week....
Lifes Great.....

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