Sunday, February 28, 2010

March 1st: I'll Do Like Tim Gunn And Make It Work...

I saw my mother in law today and that made me feel a lot better then I did today. I drove to her house like a zombie out of hell. I was spaced out and almost not together. But when I saw her. I was happy. It was nice to talk. It was nice to get real answers. It was nice looking at her face and seeing all of Greg's features. Today I almost felt like he was there. This morning is where I heard the news the dates were extended. Dates are extended for pretty much everything. Its such a pain in my ass I hardly want to talk about it.
God I miss him.
I miss us. I even miss the fights. I feel fine. I feel better.
Better then this morning.
Im going to make this right. Or at least make this right for me.
If life gives you lemons, make some god damn lemonade, and sip it till it taste good.
Thats what I will do...

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