Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Age Of Love & Happines: Winning!

What a hoot.

Sorry no clothes on this post. I have shit going on.
Greg made tape, which means he made weight. Which also means he's getting great points for the next rank up. Pretty awesome. He is doing the damn thing I can not lie. Our marriage these days have been going different. Its been going up and up. Not that it was down but the more days go by the more I know I can't see myself without him.
We went to Hooters yesterday to celebrate. We talked and he explained things to me and broke down my problems and worries...
and I felt better..
I was talking to my friend Jackie and I told her how I can't draw like I use too. I feel I am not in love with it anymore. It happens. She draws as well. So of course she understands. I told her i fell its a waste of time. Or, it just isn't fun anymore. I am thinking about even changing my major. Changing everything. She says to have my art be a journal and to see where that leads me. Hopefully somewhere good, because Im not sure where I am headed art-wise. I know Im talented but, I am just not as in love with it anymore..
I think.

As for other shit. Life is good. I am not stressed, I actually feel relaxed. Im gonna wait for Greg to come to watch this pretty cool movie online called Shelter. Looks like my kinda movie.
Lets see, it has..psychologist..psychos..doctors...and split personalities...
So that will be Greg and I's night, I was watching it by myself at first but it scared the living shit out of me in the first 5 I texted him and said lets watch it together..

Gaga on her twitter with her black bangs

Check Out Her Video:
she takes like, hundred things out her vagina...

So we all know Charlie Sheen has been in the news. But all I wanna say is that his interviews are so funny! This guy is on plant crazy! And I love it! He is cocky, everyone hates him, and he is a complete druggie! He has two woman (porn stars) he lives with that he calls "the goddesses"...
This guy is a hot mess and I can not stop watching this train wreck! The best thing about the whole scenerio of "the charlie sheen meltdown" was when he gave an interview explaining his lifestyle. He says.. "duhh, Im WINNING!"

Check this guy out, hes brilliant!
this is going to be my Facebook status..very soon...

gay moment..

Remember the post I made about Mila Kunis dress? Well here is the designer. Ugh, new favorite designer..he is a killer!
he is winning...(hahaha! I had too..)

Milas dress on the runway


This picture reminded me of bestie and her guy. Why? Well...
(Kanye West song plays...)
tee hee!

Is Chris Browns hair growing on you?
So I am guessing he does art. Its nice I guess. Eghh...
The woman in the picture is the girl he was fucking for about two months..
If I had money I would do the same thing..
Wake up to a naked body and draw it..

becoming artistic after pussy Chris?
nice try..

I cant!

Thanks for making my day Charlie..


  1. WOO HOOO On Greg making tape. I always hate when Hubby had to get tape b/c he would try to do what he could do to loss the weight.

  2. My favorite dress is the sparkly blue one because it reminds me of that scene in the little mermaid when ariel comes out the water.

    Charlie Sheen's interview was epic.

    "I'm high on Charlie Sheen." Was my favorite thing he said.