Monday, February 28, 2011

Locked In Pixie Normalcy: The Black Mila Swan Issue

Nothing way to special today.
Simple is better at times.
Blazer: Torrid
T-shirt: H&M
Jeans: Source Of Wisdom
Shoes: Torrid
Bag: Jean Purse

Everyone said my hair looked like I cut it off kinda short. They should have not have told me that! Now I feel like I am Mia Farrow from Rosemary's baby. I like it, it was a pony tail but fell this way. Sometimes your hair can make its own way. This is the closest I will get to a pixie cut anything...haha!

I love this purse so much..ughhh..I can't..
Here is my white girl look alike for the day! I WISH!
tee hee

The earrings I actually stole from my mother...

I thought I would do a quiz for my I don't express my business enough already..

Welp, here is more.

1. Who was your first love?
This jerk from my high school. I was fourteen. He was like eighteen in the freaking tenth grade. I loved him so much. But, of course, he was a male whore. I will never forget him though..

2. Who was your first kiss and when?
My best friends cousin in his room. Ha! I was like twelve or thirteen?

3. Who was your first promformal date?
Official? maybe this guy name lamar in 10th... he picked me up in a taxi and made it rain on me...we were alone with no parents.

4. Who was your first room mate?
This dude name Greg..

5. What was your first job?

6. What was your first car?
My orange banana..which I still have ...

7. When did you go to your first funeral and whose was it?
never been to one...

8. How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown?
ughh, maybe 23? or 24?

9. Who was your first grade teacher?
Mrs Reddick

10. Where did you go on your first ride on an airplane?
south carolina

11. Where did you go for your first date and who was it with?
Ughh..Ihop. I think it was Lamar who rode my bus again

12. When you snuck out of your house for the first time, who was it with and where did you go?
never had too, my parents were chill..i snuck a guy into my house...

13. Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them?
ROSE PLATER AND YES, we still friends..even if we stopped being best friends I will always say her...would she? maybe not...

14. Who was the first person to send you flowers?
My boyfriend in high-school named Ronald

15. Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parents house?
Cali..what a move

16. Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day?
No one..I have become silent over the years

17. Who’s wedding were you in the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsmen?
I HAVE IT ALL PLANNED OUT. I never have been a bridesmaid, but I will be maid of honor in Rose's wedding! Im so excited...i wanna plan the whole thing...

18. What is the first thing you do in the morning?

19. What was your first career choice?

20. What was your first sport?
neither, i hate sports...

Phew! that was fun!

If any guy said this quote below to me, I would fall into his arms and melt...
(call me crazy but this is sexy)

I got married at the courthouse, but if I had money, this right here would have been my dress.
UGHH..can you see it on me?
I DO..


So, thanks to my girl Jade who asked if I seen Chris browns fucked up hair...
I think he lost his fucking mind. I think he is just a fucking kook nut. I honestly think Chris is sexy, and knows how to work his d&%$..But I think he is a nut job who KNOWS he is sexy. He runs around with all these latina skinny models and fucks them and thinks he is the big man on campus until he's stuck in his room crying about Rihanna. Bad news, HE WILL NEVER get over Rihanna. Rihanna was the best ass he has ever had! You know the sex was amazing! Have you seen the way Rih Rih moves on stage? Imagine in the sheets...Now that she is gone he has lost it. No ones like Rihanna..
You dump Rihanna, you become a nut job....
he looks disgusting...
(watch his cd rock just because I said that)

The Top Mamas of the Evening:

Halle Berry:
One of the best looks of the night. Geez, she stunning. I hear she is a nut job like Chris Brown..

Cate Blanchet:
Why do I like this???
I am feeling it so much. Its very different and kind of Gaga.
The beading is amazing..

Jennifer Hudson:
I think we all are looking more at the weight lost then the dress...
She looked stunning..

Michelle Williams:
another pixie!!!
She always looks so angelic. It looked like she got some work done, but she still looks amazing..
Ughh, and that dress fir her like a god damn glove...

Best Dress Bitch Of The Fucking Evening:
Mila, Mila, Mila...
she killed it.
My favorite part was the tits. I love the lace over her boobs.....
congrads... you win

The Black Swan was such a okay movie to me...yet it got so many awards...
Im lost...

I gotta watch The Kings Speech...
I keep thinking its gonna bore the shit out of me...

Gaga's video came out today:
(tee hee)
It was weird. I liked it but, it was so crazy and my eyes kept trying to figure out everything..
I love Gaga so much...
The video is on if you have not saw it yet...
Always remember..


  1. You suit the short hair look :) And I have that t shirt from H&M and it's soooo damn comfortable. It was so cheap, only like £3!
    Hahaha someone on Twitter said Chris Brown looks like Amber Rose now but I know you won't be happy to hear that because I know you love her! Still need to watch the Born This Way video but cba with it being 7 minutes long! x

  2. Mila did look fantastic. And personally I think J. Hudson looks strange like her head is too big for her body. Like Missy Elliot when she lost that ridiculous amount of weight at first. I did like her dress though...

  3. You hair looks great.

  4. I love your new look!!! U look soo cute, and u really need to keep those earrings!!! :)

  5. Mila was super pretty!! Love your lips!