Friday, March 18, 2011

Splashes Of A Canary: Ready 4 The Weekend!

Outfit Of The Day:

There is nothing like a splash of color. I am all about yellow right now. I would kill for some huge yellow feather earrings! I can never find any. The shirt I got was two dollars at the "everything a deal" store. I love it! I love this store. I went to another one around my way but the other store had a lot more fashionable stuff. This shirt is a dress I am sure. Im not sure. But of course I rocked leggings with this. Meow!

One of my favorite bags:
Wet Seal

The Look On The Hanger:

Yes, two fucking dollars....!!

Whoop Whoop!!!

Here is some extra yellow splash:

Bags make a good splash...
Shoes as well make a good splash of color...

Looks of splashes of yellow and other great colors:

Celebrity Beez:

My future wife with her man
she seems happy with him..
I wonder who is better in bed> Kanye or Wiz...?
Lady Gaga:
Im ready for the album, like now!

My Movie Club With Rose P.

In case you did not know, My bestie and I live far away from one another. So we watch movie like a "book club" to stay in touch with our love for film. We'll, she is not a huge movie fan these days. So, we both watched this movie called "The Killer Inside Me". It was stupid, horrible and disturbing. I hate weirdo fucking movies thats show the unnecessary.
This movie sucked ass..
Our next movie is The Amanda Knox Story:
Wish us luck

Can't wait to see Sucker Punch!

I actually started listening to the radio today. My first time listening to California radio. And yes, I like it.
Have a good weekend Lovers...
And tell fake bitches & phony friends....


  1. Two bucks for that top! WOW... I love it. Great find.

  2. Loving the yellow themed post! Made me feel all summery and happy :)

    I have also seen The Killer Inside Me and it disturbed me for some time. The violence in it was shocking and I really didn't like it at all. I totally agree with your opinion on this! xx

  3. Love the tops and a dollar wow! wish we had those here in Florida.

  4. I love the pop of yellow.

  5. OH! I really want to see Sucker Punch. I have an obsession with Steam and Diesel Punk. Also, that outfit is super cute. The bag is freaking awesome! I love yellow!

  6. Yellow suits you so well! and it deffinitely makes the outfit look snazzy! (i NEVER say "snazzy" lol but i think it was the perfect word to describe this look :P)


  7. Love the outfit and that bag does give the outfit more edge apart from the black and white!