Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fish Tailing For Barginz: The American Nightmare

Great weekend!
Tax money came through. Im happy I got some mula for the week. Unfortunately, its going other places, but a good portion is going to fun. Just got finished watching Bad Girls Club. I swear I can watch that show for the rest of my life. Amazing guilty pleasure. I ate cookies and drank milk while watching on the couch. I felt like I made it at that exact moment...
but anyway..
So... I found this store. I am not sure if its on the east coast. But I never went inside thinking it would be cheap and ugly clothes inside. Its called Everything A Deal. I think it use to be called the 5.99 Store. Either way, I went in just to see what was in there to kill time. And man...did I hit the fucking jackpot...
I found shirts for a dollar! I found all the jewelry for a dollar! Everything was below 7.99! I loved it! Not ONLY THAT! Get This!
I found a shirt from Torrid in there (that I already have) for 6.99...mind you, I paid 25...
*sad face*


I made sure to snap a picture of the store. They have mens clothes (got Greg three shirts a dollar each), they have juniors, kids, petite and plus size...you can not lose...
Like literally, I got shirts for 2 or 3 dollars...

2.00 for this shirt....
not on sale...
C'mon, not bad for 2 dollars!

Close ups:

I of course got alot more than this but I intend to spread it out. I got such nice things for so cheap, plus Im gonna save the best for last..

Fish Tailing 4 Business:
So I told you last week Rose was gonna attempt the "fishtail" look. I see this hair style a lot over here. She bought some extensions for her hair to do the look. Rose doesn't like the fishtail messy (you know I do!) so she did not make it as frizzy and fat as it usually would look. It turned out great!
Check her out below:
Look 1:

Look 2:
The bitch did it!
Wanna Learn It?
Go Here:


Miss Kelly O over the weekend

Ri Ri:
She looks....okay...this is the best I ever saw her....period...

ughh..she looks to good here..
girl crush :)
She could wear a bag of dog shit and make it look hot I swear to God!

Amber Rose:
They caught her working out, and.....
I really find her attractive like seriously...
her body kills me...
Songs Im Rocking Over & Over:
1.) The Great American Nightmare by Rob Zombie
2.) I Dont Wanna Care Right Now by Lupe Fiasco (this song relates to me because I seriously DONT wanna care right now)
3.) 6 Foot 7 foot by Lil Wayne

I saw Battle:LA over the weekend and....
I loved it! Surprised! Im not a big action whore, but this movie was very very good. It made it better for me maybe because it was based on these few Marines. I loved the storyline. Usually an alien movies main characters are about the civilians. Not this time. I loved how the movie had a deeper meaning. And of course, I cried like a baby. It made my heart beak and it made my heart proud at the same time. And even cooler, it was filmed on base. So I knew all the destination they were at. Haha! I really enjoyed it. Greg thought it was amazing and he loved it, I would have to agree...
Go see it, its not totally what you think...

and last but not least, thoughts go out to Japan


  1. I love how fish tails look on people with long hair, by the way you found great stuff and great price cool!


  2. You get the best prices, I love fishtale. Rose should try doing the fishtale french braid on the side.
    Battle LA was amazing and enjoyable!

  3. DAMNN Girl you find a good store. That shirt is so cute and I would have no thought it was one dollar. I love the earring too. I have shopped for clothes in 43 days. I'm going nuts over here. I can't find any good deal in clothes I like or in my size.

    I love the fish tail. I wish I could do it to my hair.


  4. I just looked and they are only in CA :(

    Also I mean 2.00 not 1.00

  5. Rianna is BEAUTIFUL! Her skin is amazing! I think Amber Rose is probably one of the few that has a face pretty enough to be bald and still look feminine! She screams SEXY!

  6. What, this store sounds amazing. I can't believe you paid 2 bucks for that shirt, super cute!

  7. man you are getting deals like no bodies busniess over there with your deal store! i want some too!!!! you're super lucky! the shirt looks really cute and i love the earings. I have this sick love for earrings...Its getting to the point where it's at an "unhealthy" relationship status :P