Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Purse Dunked & All Cracked Out

Today is my "I want shit" day. I was wondering what to post besides my "purse dunk" and Rose's "crackle". I figured I would post earrings and jewelry I want, because like I said before, accessories make an outfit. And some people do not think so, but hair is an accessory. Whether its fake or real, good looking hair makes an outfit as well. Plus, I am really obsessed with prints. As most already know...

Purse Dunk!
I never did a purse dunk before. I have seen it on other blogs and I never did it. I believe whats in your purse says a lot about you, even the purse you carry. So Im rocking the B. Johnson purse this week. Check out what I carry, don't be alarmed. Some stuff is a bit strange...
But its all me!

Fortune Cookie
I know this seems weird. But I always steal fortune cookies, a lot of them. I have like one in every purse I have, honesty...

I always carry a book with me, my dad always says "Never be caught without a book". Comes in handy when your bored somewhere by yourself.

Vicki Secret Body Spray
I need body spray everywhere I go! We all have a bad day. Plus, a good spray always makes me feel great. I love Strawberry & Wine is such a sexy scent. I carry it everywhere with me, all the time.

I usually have these little doobies everywhere with me. This is what artist use to draw a lot. Well at least I use too. I don't draw much anymore, but I still have it in there.

Yeah, you never know....

Buddha Pest!
Rose got this for me! I take it everywhere for good luck! I know, seems crazy, but hey...
It fits in the palm of your hand...

Vicki Secret Luscious Kisses Body Cream
Love body cream. I like it better than lotion actually. It smells better to me, even though Im sure its psychological. I smell it already..MmmHmmm..

Asthma Pump
Can't breathe, what'ya gonna do?

E.L.F Lip Gloss & My Glitter Wallet
E.L.F Lip Gloss: I don't like bringing all my eyeshadow out, basically none of my makeup. I always, and I mean always bring lip gloss...nothings wrong with juicy lips.

Glitter Wallet: Its so me isn't it...?

My Beloved Camera
Im never caught without my camera, ever. This is just the case of course.

Rose All Cracked Up...
Rose FINALLY got her Crackle! Shout out to Amy who gave us the heads up that is was on Amazon for cheap.
The grey is called "Cracked Concrete"
The blue is "Crushed Candy"
The regular polish (in yellow) is called "Funky Yellow"
Before she got cracked she was "Mint".

She first tried it out on her homework paper (slacker), looks good on here as well...

BAM! I love it!

close up:

Rose and I both would like to get the new Truth palette from Kat Von D!
Its beautiful...
Its $34 dollars...
What ya'll think...????

African Printz

Rockin The Earringz:
love the earrings..

Fly Hair:
I would so rock my hair like this, beautiful..
I wish..!


Gaga was interviewed by Google yesterday and it was a good interview. It was an hour long which rocks. The interviewer was a fucking mess and did not know what the fuck she was doing. She kept pausing and looking scared. I guess if I interviewed her I would do that as well. The interviewer laughed the whole time at everything she said..."ughh", it was a mess. I wanted to strangling her she was THAT annoying.
Great interview though.

"Bullying stays with you, people don't know that" - Lady Gaga
Her next single is "Judas"...
Im ready when you are...
*paws up*

Now for the manic of the fucking year:
I understand it happened two years ago. But Chris Brown should understand that for the rest of his stupid life he will be asked about Rihanna. You made you bed, now lay in it. He is something else. What a crazy fuck. He looks insane! So he flips out on Good Morning America and breaks their window, THEN leave looking like this??
What. A Loser.
Love Ya'll!
Thanks for reading!!!!
"If You Don't Have Any Shadows, Then Your Not Standing In The Light.." - Gaga, when asked the best advice she ever got.


  1. I love accessories. Great Purse Dunk. I can't wait to it my crackle nail polish. Also I'm glad I could help you ladies out.

    You earring are rocking today.

  2. Your always looking amazing girl.I love your asma pump haha! Your so real! Im glad Rose got her crackle. Where did she purchase her earrings?

  3. Girl you crack me up! I mean I am rolling over here! I know you be smelling like somebody outta sop you up wit a biscuit! I mean dang you think you got enough creams and sprays! lol I love your feather earrings. Love the crackle polish. Love your red lipstick. Love all of your fashion pics and love what you said about Chris Brown!! He is a hot mess at its finest! lol

  4. I always have the most random things in my purse, but I think its because I carry the biggest purses....LOL!!

    Tell Rose I love the crackle polish. I miss being able to paint my nails.

  5. Oh ya, I totally agree with your comment you left. I think I have some of the coolest Blogger friends EVER, why can't they live closer so we can hang. I promise if were ever that way, we got a DATE (with lots of fortune cookies).