Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dark Dayz: Enough Of Torrid...I Think?

Accessories make the outfit. Lets be honest.
The shirt is actually a light poncho. I have a shirt under it, its like a jacket.
California is very cool and cloudy. As shiny as it looks outside do not be fooled. It lasted about a minute. I rocked the zipper leggings which I totally love. Plus my favorite shoes I never wear because Im a horrible walker in heals. Then... there is my Gaga purse. Oh Yes!

Poncho: Saks 5th Avenue (thanks mom)
Leggings: Torrid
Belt: Torrid
Bag: F21
Shoes Hot Topic

never break the chainz!

Im falling out of love with Torrid. Mainly because everything I buy from there either breaks or pops. Im so over it. Their clothes seem to be made bad, yet it cost so much freaking money! What the hell. My new hello kitty shoes have a fucking hole in them already! I got them for 14 dollars but they were originally 34 dollars! What the shit? I can't deal. They are kind of a rip off. Its so expensive. Im kinda debating what to do.

Vivienne Westwood: The Gold Collection
I love Vivienne Westwood! Her style is amazing! Check out her fall collection. Love her!

and scene...


I will never get over this look from Rih Rih. Epic shot.


  1. I Miss Your Blog! Love The Flats With The Chains Stylin'! And Those Leggings Torrid Run Out Of My Size, Cause I Sure Did Want Them.

  2. I love your shoe. With the Hello Kitty shoe. I would try to take them back b/c they are damage.


  3. Hey lady! Yeah i heard the same about torrid too! soo dissapointing..they are super expensive, you'd thing you'd atleast get your moneys worth..But I love love this outfit! love the rock-chic look of it! gorgeous! I Featured you as one of my 7 Versatile bloggers on my post today! because you rule! :D


  4. also...seriously loving those shoes ma'am!