Friday, March 25, 2011

sUCKERED & PuNched With NegaTivity: Hair & Feeling Bare

Its friday. Saying that seems so repetitive. Greg came home yesterday and I swear, I love his company. I really do. He cracks me up and he is so... awesome. Sorry to gush, but he is just, amazing. I feel happy around him. I love when he is home...
*romantic music stops*
Alright, back to the basics...

Rose Got Her Half Wig In The Mail!
Rose got her wigs in the mail yesterday, and yes I said wigs. She did not try all of them on except one. One of the wigs she hated and then the curly one she did not try on. This wig is a half wig. And let me tell you, it gives her volume. It gives her fucking sex appeal. It looks vibrant. She looks classic and like a motherfucking fox. I told the broad to go out, get a dress, buy some new shit and go out tonight.

Here are the wigs she got:
Bam! And check this out. I asked her how she liked it and she said. "Its nice."
What a fucking manic?! She thinks its "okay" it just me? This is the best I have seen her! I fucking love it! Rose feels everything is.."okay"..or "alright"..
Our tastes is crazy...
Check her out more:
Sensational Instant Synthetic Half Wig
16.99 from
she should have hot monkey sex tonight...
Don't you agree?

"Where Have All The Plus Sized Gone???...Ooooooooo"
So. I always go out onto the internet looking for new looks from the thick girls out there. And, honestly there are none. I love fashion and love looking at looks from runway shows and tend to post them on here. But this blog is called "Chunky & Funky" for a reason. I find all the thick chicks online that has to do with fashion are either Beth Ditto or that other Tara chick who is a plus size model. Every other plus size celeb always seems to lose weight and disappear. No offense Jennifer Hudson but you look like a fucking bobble head.
I am all about getting healthy but what happened to curves? Im all about diets. But I feel like Im betraying what my blog was about in the first place, repping thick ladies besides myself. I have to go on Tumblr to even find Fatshion anywhere. Sucks but hey, that our society. I am gonna try more often (if I find anything) look for people who are full figured and post them, even if they are you everyday person. I have no clue who any of these chicks below me are. But I wanna post them because of their hot looks. Sorry I have no names to give props. These are just the flyest thick chicks I could find out their in the big world.

Love the flowers. Anyone who rocks a floral dress has my vote.

Polka Dots with a splash of color? Winner.

The shoes are too die for. I love this dress as well.
Makes me wanna start wearing dresses more..

I adore this woman and I see her everywhere. Tell me she is not a fox in a dress..

Im trying to think positive more. I am kinda a Buddhist. I mean, I do the meditation part for being more calm and centered. It has helped. Im still a spazz at times but I am no where NEAR where I was. Im more relaxed. People do not bother me or worry me like they use too. And I don't freak out "as much" on big things. But I feel Im not very positive still. I still need to perfect that. I need to surround myself with more happy and supportive people I think. Its not cool to roll with people who are not good to you mental or physically, am I right?
Things I Need To Do To Stay Happier and Positive:

1.) Mediate More
I dont do it as much. Seems when I get busy with school I forget and feel like I don't have too.

2.) Always Downing Talent
I always say I cant with alot of stuff lately, that needs to stop. But what if you really do not have any inspiration to do anything talented...?
3.) Positive People Around Me
I have some and yet I have the ones that are..just way too cynical. And they kinda bring me down all the time. I need a better group around me.

4.) It Could Be Worst
I never say that to myself when I fucking should.

5.) Listening to Music
The best therapy for me that I hardly do. But I did start listening to the radio again. Last week was my first time listening to a California station, and I lived here for four years.
Thats a start

7.) Listening To Positive People
Greg is super relaxed and together. I should listen to him more. Thats the one thing about him I admire so much. You CANT piss him off, he could give a fuck.

Overall I want to be a free bitch. I don't wanna care about anything. There is this video of Gaga raging on stage and just being this fucking animalistic woman that she is. You can tell she was high, not giving a fuck, drunk, crazy, tits out and not giving a shit what many thought. I want to be there mentally. Maybe one day..
Here is the video of her being, free...

SUCKERPUNCH came out today!!!!!
Who is ready!?
Here is the star of the movie Emily Browning looking amazing...

Okay. The reason why I want to see this movie is because its chicks kicking ass. I know it looks weird, but the filming of it looks amazing. Its very Sin City and 300 looking. I love comic-like movies because it reminds me of drawing. And, like I said, its girls kicking major butt! I was all depressed yesterday and said I did not wanna see but now Im happy and Im seeing this motherfucker!

more Emily Browning PIXZ

NYLON Mag featuring woman from SuckerPunch...

Everyone at the premiere

So I was on Facebook last night and a fellow blog follower named Crystal mentioned that John Legend did an amazing cover on Adele's single "Rolling In The Deep". I went right on youtube to hear what she was talking about and .."wow". Not to mention me and this girl have a billion things in common, well, its now a billion and one, because the cover is amazing
Please check it out:

Not many can fuck with Adele...
but he did..
And the sex was amazing...
*shouts to Crystal*



  1. I'm going...I'm going!!

    Tell Rose, she looks HOT!!! I love the new hair.

  2. Tell Rose to put on her f me pumps tonight and have fun! The hair looks like hers.

    Im in italy and Suckerpunch already came out, really good!

  3. I freaking love john legend. He looks like he would be a gentle kisser. I love that he loves all shades of women not just the light ones.

    I saw suckerpunched tonight actually. It's not what I thought it would be. Total B movie with an A movie budget. The effects were fucking beautiful though. And the fights were nicely done.

  4. OK so every time I come to your blog I love you more and more! Many don't come to mind that make me laugh out loud the way you do. I love all of your post because you actually talk about stuff and you are so freakin honest.. it is fantastic! Love Rose's new hair. She looks great! Did she put on her freakum dress and go out? I am so glad that you have found Greg. Everyone needs someone to keep them centered and confident. He sounds like that for you. Love you girl, Kiah

  5. Rose like great in her new wig. I know that you mean to be so in love with you hubby b/c I'm the same way after being with each other for almost 9 years.