Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Victorian Swag: When Fashion Wasn't Simple..

So Rose and I have a movie club. Yes, I know. How about a book club. We tried that and it seems our taste in books are too far off. Figures. So we tried to do movies. Now, its kinda funny because our taste in movies are different as well. Back in the day when we were 13 and 14 we had the same taste in films but as we got older, man oh man. We changed. You would think we would grow apart, but no. So we are doing this movie club thing but its not going well. The website we watch the movies at, never have the movie in store for us. What the shit...

We both do have a similar interest in a certain type of movie..
18th century films..

You know, the big gowns. The big hats. When woman wore corsets and fanned themselves for lemonade. WE LOVE THOSE TYPES OF MOVIES!
Rose said on the phone last week that she loves the fashion in those times and I would have to agree. Of course my brain rung "blog time" when she said that. But it is true, the fashion then was so beautiful. Even, though...In those times I would be a slave and Rose would be a house slave because she is mixed with black and white..."awkward..??"
Fashion is fashion and the fashion back then was awesome...
OOH..this is todays out fit...
I wore this all before, just differently, such a sunny day..why not wear flowers?
Leggings: Target
Top: H&M

For our movie club we were suppose to watch The Young Victoria..
and it doesn't work for either of us online....FUCK!
We would have loved it...
thats what started the conversation of the fashion back then...

A true Urbanizor of the Victorian look:
I think Kat Von D is heavily influenced on the older type of fashion back then. I to think of someone recent that rocks the victorian style but modernizes it.
I hate the fact she is with the ultimate douche bag of the century, but she is one hot piece of ass, let me tell you. Geez!

Heres some cool looks I love:

I kinda always wondered...
Back then, who would be my personality? If I was a aristocrat or a queen, who would I be like?
Would I be the virgin queen "Queen Elizabeth", like "The Dutchess", or would I be like the women in Jane Austins books?

I think I would be...
Marie Antoinette:
Mainly because she was spoiled and young and loved pink. I accept the fact I will get my head chopped off. At least she did it cute. The movie was okay to me, but the fashion in the movie made me wanna die in a good way. I love the fact she had cake around her as well...

miss Scarlett O'hara

tell me thats not Rose's face...
Scarlett's fashion was fierce and one dress was made of out drapes, I mean HELLO!
Rose love this movie by the way...


Albums I Need To Get:

Taylor Momsens Band
Genre: Rock
Opinion: I think it will be good. She is such a bad ass. Plus I love any girl who screams or yells on a track. I love any woman doing a "mans" job. Turn on.

Marsha Ambrosius: The New Comer/Old Comer
Genre: R&B
Opinion: I feel guilty I have not even heard this cd because I know its gonna be really good. She can sing and I feel I keep tossing her to the side for my rock & alternative..But I know this album is a monster..

Im checking it out now. So far its okay. But Im not gonna jump to conclusions yet. I did that with Kid Cudi and I fell in love with the album so hard. So its pretty cool, watch me love it by next week...

Have a good day peps and remember...


  1. Cute outfit, I love those leggings! and your shirt is adorable! I love eighteenth century fashion too, I'm jealous of their giant fluffy dresses! I recently took an 18th century literature class and i love the literature as much as the fashion! :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  2. 18th Century fashion is nice but I would hate to have to put the corset on. It look to pain full. A movie club sound fun. Have you tried netflixs.


  3. victorian and elizabethan clothes are my favorites... very elegant. If I were going to wear dresses it would be one of those...