Monday, March 28, 2011

A Combination Of Roses and Silk: Print Crazy

Hola peoples!
Great weekend. Don't ask me about Suckerpunch, please. I just want to move on with my life like it never happened. So, of course I am so obsessed with african prints and design. I also love how people take two different patterns and combine them into an amazing outfit. Love that! Thats what african patterns are, a mixture of color and connection with shapes and patterns. So I took it into my own hands and made put this outfit together.

Not your usual combination but I LOVE IT.
Shirt: Blue Echo
Corset: Torrid
Wide Leg Slacks: Torrid
Earrings: Stolen From Rose P.

Greg came home for a meet and greet...

By the way! Over the weekend I took my Macbook to the Apple store because my Imovie was fucked. Im am so use to editing my videos and have not been able to do so lately. I went in there and they wiped out my baby and made her all better. God I love Macs...
Theres my baby love getting worked on...
(and her Betsey Johnson carrier...)
Marshalls for 14.99

Here is the whole look:

Love him.

Curly Sue Short Dew: Rosie (B.F.F) Baby!

UPDATE: So last week I stated Rose got her wigs in the mail. And wozers! She looked sexy and amazing. Most of you guys agreed. Rose did go out out on her date (Olive Garden) but she did not where her hair. Yes, I said it, the broad did not wear her damn hair. She did look nice and I will post her look this week. But she did not wear her hair. She had a good time with her boy toy and they had the discussion of the new look for the age of"26". Pretty much, making a move to look a tad bit older, a "make over" for getting older and looking more mature. Rose finally agrees to go Amber Red on her 26 birthday! YAY!
Whats gonna be your new look when you turn 21, or 25, or even 30?

(picture below, Rose with clip on extensions)

Here is Rose with her Curly lulu wig:
Hot bitch..
she does say that its a little small for her head...
Lulu Harlem 1b/27

love it..
I have a feeling she is not gonna rock this one out as well...
that ding dong.

Funky Fashion Broad Of The Week:
Solange Knowles
Not a huge fan of her music or whatever she does, but her look is too die for. Im sure by you just looking at her style u can see why I love it. Plus she is one of those girls who shaved her hair off and got stylish real quick...
THANK GOD she became herself and out of her sisters cliche look...
(whomp whomp look)


My Jealousy Board:
Things I want and jealous people have least I'm honest? Right?

Africa Earrings:
Where the fuck are these???? Seems everyone is having look finding these but me!

Hello Kitty Shades:
Not only can not I not wear them, but I have not seen these anywhere (D.V this one is for you!)

Bad Ass Colored Locs:
Her hair makes me wanna cry, I do not know who she is, just saw her on Tumblr looking epic. What the fuck. I would die to do this look...*sigh*

Yellow Converse:
I really want to own a pair. I love owning shoes I can wear anything with. I think i have a funky fetish for yellow..gahhh!

The Big Bow:
Its sexy, tacky, and I want a huge giant bow just for my hair....

Kelly O looking smashing as always....

she kills me...

Since I got my Imovie back in shape, I got to put together footage of me and my Bestie that was pretty funny. Its so the depth of our relationship...
Press Play If Bored...

Until Then Chow!


  1. Hi I am from Saudi Arabia and i love your style and cloths and your painting

    I see you a woman confident and very elegant
    I hope to become like you

    And you and Rose form a wonderful friendship
    I follow you

    sorry<< about my bad languages :(

  2. I love the ruffle top! I love that you have a bestie to share with the world. I heart Rose too! Tell Rose she best wear those wigs that she paid for! Loving those Africa earrings and yellow Chucks! Solange does look better now! Kiah

  3. Great Outfit. Those are super cute hello kitty sunglasses. I want a pair of Converse to.

  4. The outfit killer!!! I need to get more courage when it comes to the way I dress, for sure!!

    I am starting to think it was a good idea that we bailed on the movie, because I am hearing its something I should wait to see on Netflix. I had such high hopes for that movie!!!!

    NEED those glasses. They look like you could make them with a white pair of wafers.