Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Riddance To The Old: Hello Mondays

Im going out today. Because Its apparently Spring Break and I do not wanna be stuck in the house his week. Usually I like sitting at home alone but, no books are out to cuddle up and read too. Boo! So I will be rolling with the homies, until Im over it. The weekend was great. I loved it. I guess since I have time I'll send off those netflix's we did not watch. I don't even think we have anything on our list thats ready to be shipped. My mood has been crazy. I think its because everyone seems stupid to me. All the people around me. My feelings have been everywhere. I kinda want people to just disappear, I can't handle hearing stupid shit these days..gahhhh!

The funny thing is, I get my taxes back, and I have not bought any clothes like that. Mainly just stuff for the house.
Hello Grown Up...Soo Long Childhood
*good riddance*
I like the change in my life so far...its strangely refreshing that I am on to another level..

Any way..
Went to Cabo Grill and they have the best salad I swear!

Greg got a Chimichanga...

So before I head out, Its time for face!
Love my N.Y.X jumbo pencils...ughh! I adore them..

Funny Rose asked if I used her palette that she bought me, thought I would use it today in her honor..

I always gotta have my shimmer in the it.
and scene...

Over the weekend I got some yankee candle!
There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING, like going into your home and smelling a nice warm smell of goodness!
I love there shit!
(Even though its fucking expensive as hell...)

I love normal scents, scents that have to do with objects or nature. I got one called "Fluffy Pillows" and another called "Pink Sands"....
Aww man, smells so good!
Here is the next candle I wanna get, maybe I'll grab it today...

I also bought my beloved Swifter WETJET! Yay!
(So domesticated...)

And for dinner this weekend I took a page out of my friends book and made some Mexican Lasagna! Thanks Bobby!
Greg killed it, literally.

My Fashionable Friend Of The Month:
I featured her long before. But her buys and her style makes me melt. I have to see it over face-book, and every time I do she always looks epic. She very petite and wears the cutest freaking dresses ever. I adore her style, hope you guys will adore it too!
Ain't she purdy?

I love her....

And Now For The Wicked
of the EAST..

Rose had herself a nail polish haul over the weekend. She went hard and bought all these pretty little colors. Amaze-balls! I miss her. I wish we could do this type of stuff together. But I do find myself getting use to the distance between us. It took some time but Im cool about it. Sounds like Im talking about a man...
Guess she kinda is.. tee hee!

Rose is a big revlon fan:

Starz In The Sky:

Angela Simmons

don't act like you don't want her shoes..
eww, I wish she would date someone else..
Kelly O


wurk bitch

I found myself missing my home town yesterday.
Or maybe I was missing the chinese food.
See ya'll tomorrow!

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  1. I love how you did you makeup. I have a wet jet and loved it. Your food looks great. Also love you blogger of the month dress's.