Friday, March 4, 2011

MoyaBean Wants A Blondie: Vogue & Life

pineapple top!
turning the page..
Today was a hard day, but it turned out better. I woke up in panic and sad. Really sad. Maybe because emotions are on full term. I have no idea. It was a moment of sadness and paranoia. Then I talk to the bestie at 4:00 in the morning and finally relaxed. I felt, so off. Strange. And very sad. Weird. But Im fixed.
Sometimes its amazing to have a good friend.

Busy day tomorrow, taxes!!!!!
Very average outfit on the webcam today. Just an open button down shirt and black jeans and a real nice camisole. Very comfy.

Rosie Boo went out with a mutual friend of ours this friday.
It was her moms birthday.
(not Rose's Moms birthday but our mutual friends)
She is such a busy bee these days. Im glad she is getting some air for once.

She looked fucking amazing:

This is the best she has done I swear...
Rose with her hair did :)
bend over hoe
She went beige. I love it. Beige looks off on me. She got other colors that I will post very soon. She bought a Gold color I could shoot her for...


Why do I not find him hot right now?
Where the fuck is Edward...whos this dude?
Maybe this is just a bad picture?

Gaga getting off a that...

My Favorite Angela Simmons:
Classy and never trashy..
I told her this on twitter and she ignored me...
whats the point of twitter if the fuckers don't talk back?
I dunno..
Kinda bitter...but Im still on her balls...

Nicki Minaj:
haven't seen her in a while...

Rih Rih on Break:
what a fucking fox..

Kelly O:
I worship...
A Moment For Hair:
I have been seeing such inspiration with hairstyles. I like wild hair. I mean I have dreads but if I did not..
I'd look like these women...
The Pin Up:
I have to do this hairstyle. I need a bandana and a good dye job. I love it. Im gonna need a lot of bobby pins...
Average Fro:
I love a good fro or natural hair dewz!
I would rock this look as well even if its a lot of work.
Natural hair is no joke..
but its so perfect and different....
Epic Style Ever:
I do not fancy Cassie, but, HELLO!
She killed it.
I would so rock this.
I can not lie, I have to say, I have a lot of respect for Cassie for this hair style because it gives her edge and a tad bit of ugly.
and we all know she is a fox universally...
The Rihanna:
Im not big on relaxers...
but to look like that..


Please forgive me... I forgot who this freaking designer was! I saved it to my desktop. I saved it to my tumblr. But of course, my Macbook went loopy and kicked my shit stupid. I have no clue who this designer is. But whatever, I tried.
But let the eye candy pull you in..!
I saw it on Vogues Tumblr....wait......hold on......
Go to that link if you wanna see more. Sorry again about the no-name designer...oppsy!
but again, check out Vogues Tumblr.

Very Minaj...


This is a video of Chris Browns Penis...
and its huge...
that blonde hair aint that bad these days....



  1. Edward is so HOT. I love love love him. Super cute outfit. I hope you get lots of money on your tax's return.

  2. why is there a naked picture of chris brown floating around??? guess he couldnt do anything else to shame his mother. g'lawd!