Monday, March 7, 2011

In A Chinese Tropical Glaze Of Wonders

"I wanna sandwich.." - Tia
I did taxes thank god! Im stoked. Good amount coming in. The most we ever got. Very cool. The lady who does our taxes is amazing. So sweet. I love her. I wouldn't go to anyone else. She is fair and a joy to be around. She even showed us how much taxes we would make if we had a kid.
Very sweet.
So this chunk of money we got coming back has to go to important things. Sucks because times like this reminds me I am sooo not a kid anymore. Even though I am a military wife, this bitch here has bills. We wanna pay off these dumb sub woofers Greg gas got. Pay off this card Greg has as well...(and Im the shopaholic). Plus I need my crown for my mouth, which is overdue. My teeth feels great and I wanna keep it that way. That said, we are going on a trip to Las Vegas, even though Im praying it won't kill my pockets. Fuck. Im leaving it up to Greg since I tend to stress my ass of about money. I hope we have enough to do what we have to do and have fun. I worry about not being able to go. But we shall see.
Living on your on requiors so much more than people think. Money flies to everything. Bills and rent, a wonderful combo.
I look at all this stuff Im paying for with taxes, looking at what we have left over for ourselves...(hmm...) The rest seems to go to Vegas. I know I need to buy some important stuff as well for my home given my "life"is making a change. I will post about that later on this week. The silence is ridiculous and everyone will know soon anyway.
Might as well embrace it.
Its just weird,thats all..

After Taxes, we went to this Burger place called Nessy's Burger..pretty good!

It was yummy but not what I expected. The wait for one burger was 25 minutes due to the crowd! Plus, while waiting these two black chicks were loud and ghetto the whole time and it made me and Greg look so bad. We both looked at each other with the Snookie face "really"? It made our race look horrible. So embarrassing. Thanks alot bitches! You just made the stero-type more real...FUCK! I hate that!
Tropicana Mami!

So I decided to look very tropical this morning. The shirt I wore today was very yellow. I thought, why not? I used my cheap makeup which was 1.99 to do the look.
I do not put on makeup like most.
I throw it on and the smudge it all in.
Then use a brush to make edges and lines, or if I want depth on the corner of my eye..
but most is used with my finger...

L.A. Colors: 1.99
Started with yellow:
Green and Blue streaks on the side of the eye...
side view...
purple on the bottom:
blended with brush:
used purple eye-liner from Urban Decay

ready for the day bay bay!

Rose and I are on a nail polish kick. My favorite is China Glaze but shit! Who got 8 dollars for nail polish...thats a meal!

Lace Nail Prints:

Lavender Fields:

Butterfly Cherry
Tempest Blue:

Tropical Sun:

Alligator Dreams:

Songs I Am Playing:
1.) I Need A Doctor by Doctor Dre
2.) The Pretty Reckless
3.) The Shoe Goes On by Lupe Fiasco
4.) 6 Foot 7 Foot by Lil Wayne

Mwah Loverz!


  1. WOOO Hoo on the taxs. Girl I hey you on the nail polish. I so want the crackle but I'm not going to pay $9.00 on Opi or 8 on China Glaze.

  2. Omg these colors are gorgeous!!
    Makes me want summer even more. I have had it with winter!!

    I love the orange and green one!


  3. my dumbass made a mistake and asked to get paid by check so im waiting extra long for my refund. go to for china glaze. cost 2 bucks and some change