Friday, March 11, 2011

A Shade Of Blue For You: The Altered Edition

I cut everything. Especially if it does not fit the way I want it. Believe it or not this shirt from Torrid was four dollars. Yes. I had it in my closet for a while and realized that the arms were crunchy and not flowy enough...So I made a few...

Further down you will see what I cut off. I love flowing shirts. The cuffs made them stick to my shoulders..eww!

In Lifes News:
A Tsunami hit Japan today and rocked the news all day. Its pretty shocking. Of course we have Tsunami watch everywhere here. My parents called worried as hell. I find it funny how I am such a worry wart but I don't fear natural disasters or death. I have this calm thought process that when its your time to go, its your time. Strange. So far they evacuated some folks from off the coast of Hawaii. My dad said to keep my phone near me. Pretty crazy?

Greg and I went back to Hooters tuesday night, and it was Mardi Gra night!
Greg and his beer!
ughhh, best wings EVER!

So here was the cutting process:
Do you see the scrunchy cuff? Yeah, that had to fucking go. So long...

this made the shirt a lot more appealing..

so long suckers!

I want to start painting agin. Drawing has been more and more of a chore. But painting was fun and so relaxing. The colors were so much fun to use. I went into my storage box and brought out my Walmart paint and went to town. I had no white paint but oh well, I made it work. Still not done yet...

The Bff got some LA Colors!
and some lashes with a jumbo pencil...
she bought some extensions and is planning on doing the "fishtail" hair style..
I will be posting that as soon as she gets her hair in the mail...
Rose has expanded so much. There was a point were she wouldn't wear makeup or weave at all. I love the fact she is branching out!
Rose feels her hair is thin, so she is getting the extensions to get some volume.
The way her face is rounded she would look amazing with bigger hair..
Here is some pix of her the night before:
Eye Shadow: Coastal Scents

Here is Rose's project "fish tail"..

Rih on the cover of Vogue coming out...holy shit.
I wonder if she seen the Chris Brown picture?
You think its fake?

Britney looks amazing and I admit I am so over her music,
but she looks..

I wants shades like...that.
Greg would die for her...tee too...
Christina Hendricks..

Mr. West is in the building...
Gwen looking fab...
Rih was on Chelsea Lately...

Next in our movie club!
Taylor Momsens Album:
The Pretty Reckless
I like it. Im still listening to Lupe and her on repeat. Her album is pretty great. I can get use to it. She is a hawt mess and Im surpized she is like sixteen talking all that sex and drugs shit. But I am feeling it.
Top Downloads:
Medicine, You and Nothing To Use
Have a great weekend you guys!
To Greg:


  1. be safe. Your shirt looks great. You can use the left over for a hair tie.

    Your painting are great.

  2. Hey, fyi, you can get shades like those at :D