Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turquoise Neon Stars of Fire: Brits & Gigglez

I have to clean this house, its so getting to a place where I start to gag at the fact Its not clean. Ugh, I have to clean that god damn closet again! I do not want too! Why would I! It goes right back to were it was! And its the worst when your chilling on the couch and the hubberz comes home and he drops his shit on the floor. I don't wanna bitch at him after a long ass day. I bitch about shit already. Egh, I need a Swiffer Jet as well. Greg and I have so much shit going on. I wanna pull my hair out. Im going to ask him to clean the kitchen over the weekend and I have to clean the closet and bathroom. The fridge needs to be cleaned out, I need a oil change...
Living on your own is crazy...
Since taxes Greg and I have been having a great time. We been going where we want, when we want. Hooters on tuesdays, living the dream, its not gonna last once the bullshit is paid.
(always something you gotta pay for)
But overall, we have been having a blast together. Love him alot. Duh right?

tee hee hee!!!!!
Harney Sushi! Favorite place to go! Lately, I have been eating the cooked sushi. None of favorites unfortunately. Ughh, those are the scarifies....right?
I'll explain more in due time...
still yummo!

Back To Funky Beauty & Fashion:
Remember the store I talked about? Everything A Deal? Sorry to my East-coasters that don't have the store. But I got this shirt right here for a dollar...
A DOLLAR. I love this store. Don't get me wrong. Some stuff are okay and kinda bla! But some stuff is very stylish.

Fits my boobs..

Me and my best friend Roseanna, (who is featured on here every other day...)
We watched this video of this chick Rose always watches for hair and beauty tips, and in one of the videos she has these awesome nails! The color was highlighter yellow and very bright! It was beautiful!!!!! I wanted it. She wanted it. I went right up to ULTA (sephora/cvs/salon) and looked for it. Rose bought it online and I looked for the knock off. I was willing to buy an eight dollar bottle...

Oooh...I checked for NAKED again...still no naked..

China Glazed "Solar"..
My knock off color for 2.99
Ultra Pro
Final Result:

Got the ring from Target:
Anything turquoise is a must buy for me...

Rose (BFF) FINALLY got Crackle! She looked everywhere online to find it and it all was sold out. Congrads to stalker Rose for getting it finally.
Rose got her wig in the mail.
I loved it. Rose hates it, she felt it was too big. I love big hair. It is pretty dark for her face. But I would still rock it.
I dont think its that bad..

Lourdes Leon
I love her! She always look fierce to me.
Her eye brows are...
But she looks awesome...


not a brit, but...damn..shes sexy
nuff said..
Celebs From The Past:

Josephine Baker
The movie on her life was on the other day. I watched it and I loved it. I seen it when I was younger, but of course it moved me more this time around. She was a fucking fox. She was african american and fought for black civil rights in the south and broke segregation laws. How amazing is she? I like her as well because she could have passed for another race but didn't. She was proud to be black in times when most were not. People who look like her these days swear their another race except black. But she owned it...
I wish their were more "women"like her..
but apparently most are gone...

She was also bisexual and slept with Frida Kahlo many of times...
(ooooooh shit!)


  1. I freaking love that top. I'm so jealous. I so want a store like the one you just shopped at.

    I order amazon gift cards for swagbucks. So I can get the crackle nail polish from amazon. it is 3.85.

  2. Happy for you and Greg having such a good time recently :) Your new ring is gorgeous and I think Rose suits the hair!! x

  3. Girl SHUT YO MOUTH!! Only $1 for a shirt! You got a smashing deal! I love your blog and I love you. You are hilarious! Thank you so much for following my blog. You ROCK! btw - Frida is one of my FAVES!! LOVE HER!

  4. Amazing post! The white shirt with the firly stuff on it...looks so great on you!!! I was thinkin i wouldnt really even be interested seeing it on the hanger, but seeing on your curves it looks amazing! also..yellow...YOUR color. you own it..seriously.

    thank you for checkin out my blog and leaving all the love on the comments. I appreciate it! :)


  5. You are so full of LIFE...& It shows! Loves the blog...Definitely following

    Adores the white top on you xoxo