Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy Anniversary Weekend: Love Makin With Target

This anniversary was pretty, interesting, to say the least. Three years down. I am pretty impressed. So my outfit was this shirt from Torrid and it came with this lovely gold belt. How nice. I got it on sale. I think it was a summer sale. You know how I get when I hear something is 50% or 30% off.

So my weekend was nice. Had some "quality time" and of course I then got my damn "mother nature" call. What the hell! I can't believe it! Well, in a good look at things, Its good to know Im no where near preggers. I have no time in my life for a baby. Oh God no! Maybe next year, but certainly not know. Greg an I are so random. The kid would be so goofy and strange. I am not sure if the kid would be emo or just non emotional. Greg and I are two different people.

Okay back to the fashion...

This look was pretty simple and to the point.
I wanted to be comfortable.

I was going to dye my hair jet black and ram some purple in there but Im'a do that next year. Im feeling this color right now.

So I went to Target and GOD DAMN WHAT A SALE! I finally got my favorite leggings ever! I wanted floral leggings so bad! I got many more things, I will preview them as days go by.

Rosie's order from Avon
Greg @ Harney Sushi

You can not really see but at Target this chicks shoes was off the chain. It was straps all over the sandals, I wanted her shoes. Her kids were pretty loud....

proof other black people live in california....see! We exist!

Greg@ the movies

We saw Salt by the way, very good movie! Angie I love you baby!

Nice anniversary! Nice sushi night! Nice Movie! Now its time to go to bed and start another week. Im so broke....lets hope two weeks hurry up. I start school soon very soon.


  1. Super Cute Shirt! N Love The Pink Lipstick!

  2. cute outfit! and everyone was going in Target dressed to perfection.....that's what i love to see!

    I'm having a Link party for all fashion related DIY projects....come show off your DIY!