Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Hey Black Chick! Inspiration & Rants

So Im sure you heard about Montana Fishburne. Lawrence Fishburnes daughter who is in porn to be as successful as Kim Kardashian. Well, a certain blogger said that it will never happen because for some reason black women just are not looked as "sexy" and "marketable" in that way.

Are you kidding me?

Im so tired of this whole "black chicks are always single" crap. Its really not true. People go on and on and have actual studies trying to figure out why black women are single. I am sure they are not the only damn race not getting penis. I feel thats all made up. I know so many black women who are "my complexion" who are happy and in good relationships. C'mon. I do not believe that whole light skinned dark skinned crap. I think thats full of bull shit as well. There are so many dark chicks with dudes, like seriously. Where are they doing there surveys? I know that the Kim Kardashian look is in right now but the look is not ruling the world. I think people want to make other people believe that black chicks are not sexy at all. Why? I have no clue. I go on base (military base) and see alot of black women with alot of men, and surprisingly, there mainly white men. Its all bullshit and I do not want fellow "black girls" to think they are not getting men because of their race. Thats not true.

Maybe you have not found the right guy yet. And thats it.

If all that statistic shit is true, I should be single and alone getting no play. Because Im black, dark, and have a huge ass. Its all bullshit to make you think you ain't shit.

The light skinned dark skinned thing is also a load of shit.
Tyra Banks did it on her show and got all the most ignorant fucks of America who would die to be light skinned. Where are the people who don't give a fuck and are happy with their skin color? Put those people on your show Tyra! What a load of horse shit.

If you do not have a boyfriend or a strong relationship, its not because your black ladies. Its probably because your independent and men are scared of that. If you think its because your ugly or fat, its not. You will be surprised what men find beautiful these days. If you think its because your crazy, thats not it either, men love crazy fucks. How do I know? Because I am crazy, and lets be honest.........crazy women fuck like no other. Its true. Don't believe me? Listen to "Crazy Bitch" by BuckCherry. One of many songs about crazy women they can not leave because the puss is awesome.

Black girls maybe under rated but we are seen. We get guys. Don't fall for that too-fat too independent-too dark bullshit. Its all not true. Halle Berry, one of the most beautiful women in the world can't ever find a man yet Gabby Sidibe from the movie Precious who is black, fat, and dark skinned has a boyfriend she is living with.
And yes, shes happy....
Do the math :)

Heres the video, where she brings him up.

Do you masterbate?

God she is epic; rockin the fresh tat..

Welcome to the Dollhouse

This picture is for Rose, get excited baby!
Love yourself. If they tell you your ugly, there lying.
Music Played Today:

1.) Power by Kanye West
2.) 7th Symphony by Ludwig Beethoven
3.) Be Good To Me by Sia
4.) Eclipse by Metric "Eclipse Soundtrack"
5.) Love The Way You Lie by Eminem


  1. You're always reading my mind!

    According to the world of black women, I'm some kind of anomaly because I have NEVER experienced any kind of negativity regarding my dark skin. Not ever. I always hear other people's stories, but I can't relate because it's never been my reality.

  2. Dark skinned girls ALWAYS have a man. Me and my cousin observed this. It do not matter when and what time, you always see a dark skinned girl with a man. I dated a guy who said I was the lightest girl he was with and im not light skinned.

    ILOVEWELCOMETOTHEDOLLHOUSE! and The Craft....i so need that soundtrack

  3. Power is my jam at the minute.

    Black women get a bad rap. Freakin Wesley Snipes said he didn't like black women because they were loud and ignorant.

    I don't think people like black women confidence. If a black woman believes in herself people get afraid (Gabbi/Michelle Obama)