Monday, August 2, 2010

Inspirations from Fashion: Part II Art & Cat Walk

Island of Decembrence: Mekeda Stopage...first sketch
Inspiration is a powerful thing. Well, at least for me it is. I am an artist and artist see things in different ways then most do. I can look at a street and see things your average human being will not see. My brain works very differently, even my husband has noticed. I love art. It makes me who I am. "Art is War" as what my girl Otep would say. Expression at its best. I am not a writer, or a fashionista, but I am an artistic being. The world inspires me. Even a pair of beat up vintage church shoes can edge me to draw the most weirdest things....I have to really admit I like that about myself. I see things most cant.

And of course, on this blog, I show all my inspirations and sometimes go back and look at all my post to gain some ideas. This is nothing new. So in enjoy!

Inspiration: Willow Smith (bad ass kid)

Inspiration: Shoes with a god damn
Inspiration: sex. That is all.

Inspiration: Rihanna looks pretty hawt in this pic...
Inspiration: I would so be Kanye if i was a black man..
Inspiration: style on point
Inspiration: well...we all know her inspiration....Rih Rih
Inspiration: Twilight? sex...
Inspiration: sex....


Letter to my once IDOL Britney Spears,

What the fuck happened Brit? You were on top of your mother-fucking game and now this? Im gonna say this, I am ashamed! You are a mess! You look a fucking mess! How the hell did you make so much money and have a weave this horrible?! I know trannys who make 8.50 an hour with better hair! This is uncalled for. Get you life together! Brit I loved you! You guys should have saw my room in high school! THE WALLS WERE COVERED WITH BRITNEY!!!! Now look at this mess! Bitch what happened?!

Britney you a grown ass woman!

Inspiration: I just want this ....
Inspiration: she has been my inspo since 7 years old....Angie at the Salt premiere
Inspiration: Kstew Swag
Inspiration: Michelle Rod (for short) and her "lady friend"...

Inspiration: this chick can dress...NOW THIS..Is an outfit!
Inspiration: Sucker Punch!!!! I wanna see this movie! Jackie!!!! watch preview!
Inspiration: Greattttt movie...Angie is super skinny man...:/
Inspiration: Vanessa Simmons...class
Inspiration: Rih Rih on the set of Eminems new single
Inspiration: tats
Inspiration: I love this look! I need a beat up jean jacket asap
Inspiration: fierce
Inspiration: I have a little crush on M Rod today..
for those who need her real name
Michelle Rodguiez
Inspiration: style on point...colors
Inspiration: thats its..i want denim


  1. OMG your sketches are AMAZING. I always love the pictures you post. Keep being inspired even though YOU are an inspiration.

  2. Trey better put that tongue back in his mouth bad things will happen

  3. The sketches look great. If you e-mail me a description I could take a whack at drawing your characters for you too.