Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Start Of School: Knowing The Unknown

I love how sundays are my adult days. I run errands and get things for the house. I clean that day. I make sure Im ready to start my week. I am all ready for monday. Laundry day. Groceries day. The day of no rest. The opposite of what a sunday is.

I lost my meds saturday.
So now I have to go through bullshit to get them.
Eh well, it happens.

Class starts officially tuesday. Im excited yet I am not. I saw where my classes are. Im just excited for the art. I can't wait. This weekend was nothing special. I went to look for that book and could not find it. I guess Im just going to stick to reading my other book Little Bee. Which is getting really good bye the way. I got to call my folks tomorrow. Have not heard from them all weekend. My mom is back in school as well. My dad has football season back so he is surely M.I.A.

Next week, will be a good week.
Staying positive.

I think he is the sexiest thing since sliced bread.
I told Greg I should write him in prison...
He said don't...
Because if we hit it off he'd be pissed...
I wish :)
dont we make a cute couple??

Kelly Osbourne
Elizabeth Taylor
Wow...look at that waist line!

Kim Kardashian
She gets on my nerves but I think she looks beautiful right here


My girl Rose blowed out her hair over the weekend and looked fab. How hot is she? I love her hair like this. She emailed me and told me she hated it. What the hell?! Our taste is different. She bought some mad jewelry over the weekend. Loved it. I wish she would keep her hair like this. Really cute.

nice eyebrows Bitchface!


I wish I was her...naked and happy

Jersey Shore!
I hated it now I love it


  1. Hi there,

    Im a new follower on your blog ;-) Love it allready.

  2. y isnt dumb brittney in the glee pic. I love you pics cute I new you was a hoe get off the floor lol