Monday, August 30, 2010

Lost All Weekend: The Emmys, The Kadashians, And Math..

I spent my weekend watching LOST. The dvd came out last week for the final last season. While Greg was deployed we promised to not watch it and wait for it come out when he finally came home. So we we rented them all and watched them all weekend. We has to watch the season before it just for memory sake, thanks to Rose, who bought us the set. She knows are love for Lost. Sad to say this is the last of the show. This is the Final Season.
So far so good. We have not finished it yet. We are on disk three now. Almost there. I have a video I am going to make,but I need the final conclusion. I need us to discuss what we thought. I love documenting things like this because its always fun to look back on. While Greg was on deployment I noticed we had hardly any videos of us and now I want to change that. After a while I forgot his voice. I look back now on Rose and me, all those videos...and wow! I love all the memories we kept.

So its monday. The Emmys were on. I did my own best dress list. And most fugly dress. Well, I did it my style. Of course.
Today I got to finish my Math homework.
Well, anyway..

Heres my Emmy Dress List: Failures, Successes and "Almost Made It" gowns.


Hands down Heidi Klum rocked this. I think its fun. Cute. Not to traditional but very glam. She looks epic and that dress is made so well. I love everything about this dress. Meow!

Most Overrated Dress

People kept saying how Kim Kardashian rocked the Emmys and turned heads with this number but you have to be joking. Wow...she looks like Jasmine from Aladdin....LIKE ALWAYS..!!! This is so boring. I think the Kardashian family pays people to say nice things about them. So boring!

Best Traditional Gown

Kelly O looks amazing as always, when does she not? She went traditional and made it work. I love the dress and the whole look. Most people do this and end up looking old and not youthful. But Kelly did it right. The hair is cute as well.

Most Underrated

Im not just saying this because she is a "big" girl but c'mon. She rocked it! Amber Riley who plays Mercedes from Glee looked epic. The dress fits her perfectly.
Yet we won't hear so much about the dress...

What The Fuck Happened Dress

Lea, oh Lea. Or shall I say Rachel from Glee. What is going on. This was one of the people I guess you expect to look stunning, but they tried to hard, or in this case to little. That hair! Those ruffles! Say it aint so..

The Worst Dress EVER!

I hate it. This is Kris Jenner. Kim Ks mom. I just can't stand them....maybe this is biast. But what the fuck is this? Hot mess. She should change her hair style...

I really hate Bow wow...
what the fuck does he know about relationships besides what a vagina looks like.
He says "Dont fall for that good hair and complexion..."
I don't like that dumb ass.. I really don't

I have been playing the Sims..ALOT. When I need to do my Math homework....
Im gonna do it now.
Last assignment then Im done.

I feel bad when this happens to people..

Holla Back! A follower of mine and a person I also follow posted this on her blog after I said in one of her photos "Is that a new moon poster behind you?" I only saw the words in the background, the next picture she posted was this one. LOL! What a smart girl! LOVE HER!

Ready for Sept. 12th!


ALL HAIL SNOOKI! Preach gurl!


  1. LOL I love the comment about Kim Kardashian LOL!!! I agree! I love Kourtney the best. And wow LIL Bow wow is such a little boy!!!

    I Really enjoy your blog! It gives me smiles!!!


  2. I think that you are actually in the show lost because I can never get a hold of you and I don't like it :/ GGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRR

  3. lmao@ always looking like Jasmine

    i love Snooks

  4. WOW @ Chris Brown!!!

    OmG... And Bow Wow was tryna be wise. Ha. I wonder who he's talking about.

    I never watched Lost before. The only show I really mess with is The Vampire Diaris.

    Loved your post (as usual)