Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Yellow Daffodil: Marking The Target

This is by far my favorite dress from Target. Yes, Target. I love all in one dresses. Torrid's dresses were alot more money and I am glad I waited! This dress was...wait for it...wait for it... Only six dollars. Its was 50% off. I made a post about my great shopping in Target like 3 weeks ago. Stroll back and find it if your bored.

The blazer is my favorite. I am on a blazer kick. I have another one, but I have not found anything that I can wear with it yet. I should post this on blazer for you guys to see. Because I have no clue. its a blazer but the fabric is like a hoodie. I'll post it soon.

I am watching a Top Model marathon right now and I keep getting sidetracked. Even though I know who wins, its a re run...

Now in all honesty. I would normally wear flats with a dress like this. So when I do wear this out on a day to day basis, I will be wearing ballet shoes.

Dress from Target....seriosuly ladies, Target is doing the damn thing these days...
Blazer from Torrid
Necklace from Forever 21
Shoes from Thrift Store
Bag from Forever 21...I love that big ass bag..

So this pay check went to Victoria Secret. There is nothing like smelling good and your man saying you smell amazing. The had the 6 for 30 dollars deal there, and I took advantage of it.
I also made Greg shop at H&M over the weekend. I saw some stuff in H&M and I did not find anything I had to have, if I did it was thirty dollars and Im not paying that. Sorry. I had a feeling I should just wait.

Greg got me these flowers last week. There dead now. Ha ha! I should have took them when they are alive, but he got me my favorite flowers which are white roses. Why did he buy them? I don't know. He just wanted to surprise me I guess. It worked. I don't throw dead roses away. I like the way they look when they die. Especially white roses. A friend told me I was a happy morbid goth. LOL! I think she was right.

Damn....He is so hot to me...I dont care if hes old..
I hear he bangs black chicks ;)

Music Today!

1.) Power by Kanye...Its on repeat...
2.) We Are The Kings feat. Demi Lovato
3. Yeah ya know by T.I.
4. What You Know About That? by T.I.


  1. you look stunning and you have pretty AWESOME legs!

  2. Love that dress! I hear Target was really doing big things. I keep my dead roses too, any flowers that are given to me actually :)


  3. You look wonderful. I just bought the cutest lace skirt from Target Monday.

  4. Target hase they BEST dresses. My closest is jammed packed with them. Plus I love that their sizes run big.