Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So Behind It All: Roxy Roller!

And what a mess I am...

My life has been ultra stressful. Well, not to the average person. But for me I have or had a load on my back. Finally, I got to pay for me classes. Unfortunately Im on the waiting list for the art class. I thought I was early. But I have to wait and hope someone drops it so I can slide the fuck in. Its your average drawing class, nothing special, I just wanna keep the skills sharp.

Oh By The Way...

Im being used right now. Oh yeah I am! Someone has taken me for granted and Im not stupid! Some asked me to do ...... something and they sooo abused it. Mother fuckers. I swear. This douche lord is a fucking waste. But I can't lie. IT has amazing taste in men. They fall for that flat ass and big eyes every time. I can't complain. IT hypnotizes everyone with those eyes. Even me. But since this is my blog Im gonna let it be known..
and write a letter to my dear wonder bitch....

Dear You!

You are using me and I do not like it.
But hey...
We lie to each other don't we? We smile in each others face and fake our way to the top..
So I guess we know our places don't we?

*that felt good*

Now, back to stuff that should matter.

I been super busy but I do have outfits ready. This blog is becoming a failure it seems because my life is becoming more busy. I use to post every week now its getting lesser and lesser. I am always broke and I can't even shop like I use too...But life is good. As long as Im doing what I set out to do.

Do you guys know Angela Simmons...?

Well ya should....fierce...

So I have a new crush. Yeah and its actually on a butch lesbian. Joan fucking Jett. God she was fucking beautiful in the runaways. I love her. I looked at all her photos and she screams lezzie but I would have hung out with her. She is super hot. You guys should watch The Runaways if your into punk rock or alternative shit. JACKIE, my lover from another brother, you would love The Runaways....

I miss Jackie. My dumb ass had that dumb ass jeep back in Maryland and that was not gonna fly. I have to see you one more time beautiful. She is on my list of awesome people.
Getting side tracked.... BUY THE RUNAWAYS!
I watch it everyday.

C'mon shes sooo bad ass!
Sorry for the delay of post. Forgive me. I never thought I would say that. But here it is. Im busy. Geez, time flies. But Ima try and post at least my new shorts I got. They are fucking rad. Going to sleep soon.

Music listened to Today:

1.) The Wild One by Suzie Quatro
2.) I Love Playing With Fire by The Runaways
3.) Crimson and Clover by Joan Jett
4.) Roxy Roller by Nick ( somebody..it sounds like a chick...)
5.) California Paradise by The Runaways

Who the fuck are The Runaways?
Trailer below...:)

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  1. I'm actually very fond of Joan Jett. I'd like to hear her and Courtney sing together (private fantasy that will probably never be...).

    by the way Dominique Young Unique (Check her out on Youtube)