Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Angelic Hearts & Mary: Lets Get Lost Video

Just came home. I have two take home quizzes due until thursday. I would do it now that I am home but screw that, thats what tomorrow is for. I would do it now, but my brain is over it. I have a whole day tomorrow. If I get bored I will do one of the quizzes today. I doubt it though. Right now all I wanna do is sleep! All day! Then wake up and watch LOST. Its such a good show. Greg and I were at the movies one day, and sometimes before the movie starts they show you commercials of other t.v shows. So one day it just so happened to be LOST. Greg and I were clowning on it saying how dumb the show looked and how unbelievable it was. So after a while, Greg and I kept seeing the preview again and again, in every movie theater..( we go to the movies alot!!!) So finally we said, maybe we should check it out. And I tell you, we were HOOKED ever since! Amazing show. And just think, me and him made fun of it for a while until we decided to give it ago. Never judge a book by its cover. So we went to Blockbuster and rented all the season and went crazy! We loved it. So we caught up to the 5th season and watched it on t.v......then he gets deployed for the LAST season! I made a video about it. Check it if your bored, or just need something to do. All my videos are for followers and me. Its always nice to loom back.

Dude, tell me why my hair fell out. Literally! Near the back of my damn head! What the shit! Can you believe it?! It popped off. Looks like I'll be bringing it home to Maryland so my hairdresser can sew it back on. Yeah, they can do that..Look how long it was!

Beuatiful day today. Just got Churches chicken extra spicy. The sun is out. I met this amazing girl today named Mary. I think she is amazing and we just met. I like her a lot. She reminds me of Rose except Rose is not mexican. Doesn't Rose look mexican? I am starting to see it now that I live here. Rose looks Mexicano?! Check her picture out, she looks mexican. Bit she is actually mixed. Weird how she popped out like that... Her picture should be on one of my posts.

Something moved me yesterday.

Greg was driving. I was in the passenger seat on course. And a fushia colored ball rolled across the street and into these bushes. Greg pulls over and parks the car, mind you, the ball is now across the street in the bushes. He gets out and gets the ball and then walks over to the kids that were playing in the yard. He hands it over and tells them to be careful. They were three small little mexican boys, about 5 years old. They told Greg thank you and that they thought his car was "cool". Greg smiled and said thanks and waved them goodbye. I just thought......wow. I would have so kept going. I would have even moved around the ball even if it was in the street. I would have went about my business. I think Greg has such an angelic heart. He sees good in people. I felt like a devil at that point. :/ LOL!
He moved me.
I thought that was beautiful...
thought I'd share that.

Music Played Today

Got Katy Perry's new cd. Has to grow on me, but the coolest songs are on the list.

1.) Circle The Drain by Katy Perry
2.) E.T by Katy Perry
3.) Closure by Chevelle
4.) Monster by Kanye feat. Nicki Minaj & Jay Z
5.) Last Friday Night by Katy Perry

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  1. I loved it I miss you guys I remember you cursing the whole time he was gone when they would have them niggas on the view and shit u was so upset atleast now u can say u saw it don't worry about the late fee's your blockbuster GOT U HAHA