Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No Procrastination: The Hills

First day of school considered over. How was it? I liked it. Math is going to be a bitch. Nothing new. For those I do not talk on the phone with, I will give you a review. Since being in California I have been taking online classes. This is the first time in a while that I am taking actual classes on campus since Maryland. I voiced in one of my posts that I was nervous and scared. Because of the fact I have never been a minority before. I grew up in the D.C/Maryland area. Better known as the DMV(D.C. Virginia Maryland) area. Dominantly black. Here of course. In Cali I am the token black chick. I have to say. The people here are amazing. Salt of the earth. Usually the first day of class is filled with awkward silences and weird looks. By the 5th day of class, thats usually when people start befriending and talking with one another. Here in Cali, everyone talks to you and embraces you...ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! What the hell. Thats unheard of to me. I like everyone. I already hit it off with this one guy from Germany. I hope he stays around. You know how college courses be. People show up and then disappear. He is awesome in math, I can tell. He is only in the math course because he was taught Math in another country, so he has to retake it and learn it the "american way". Cool guy.
Art class was pretty cool. The teacher talked my fucking ear off. But it was cool to be around all these people who drew. Well, some people. Me and this mexican chick made fun of the guy after class. She was pretty rad. Hell. Everyone was cool. California is a very friendly place. I use to think it was full of snobs and assholes...but no. They are very sweet loving people. Better then the people in New York.

I can not stand New York. Reminds me of hell. The people are cold and all about themselves. I would shop there but would never live there. Don't get me wrong, I have NY friends. It took them a while to loosen up with me. But, they are cool peoples.

Before I get off track check out my outfit. I was going to wear this for the first day, but of course I changed my mind.

Top: Torrid
Cargo Pants: Torrid
Shoes: Steve Madden
All on clearance

The art teacher asked who could draw in the class. I did not raise me hand. Don't ask why. I just was very anti for that moment. I looked around to see all guys raising there hands. Interesting. I smirked to myself.
I'll stay under the radar for now.

I can not sleep and its one in the morning. I was reading my book in bed then I stopped because I felt the need to blog. Thoughts were going crazy.

My math teacher seems cool. She looks laid back. This class scares me. Mainly because I suck at math so much. I hate that shit. If it was not for math I would have been had my degree. But you can't have everything. Im super dumb with that shit. Art seems cool. They have a student show at the end of the semester. My goal is to get in it. I use to win awards at my old school. It would be pretty rad to get an award here. Thats my goal in art.

latest drawings

So far so good. I already like school. On the first day I met cool people. It is all working out pretty well. I should go to bed. Or read some more.

beautiful art (not mine)


  1. your going to do well and be fine

  2. Its funny how people are so different in various regions. It sounds like your going to be surrounded around a good group of people. I wish u luck on your studies.

    Your drawings are truly amazing!!

  3. lol art trade...

    Good luck at school. Glad the first day went well!