Friday, August 20, 2010

Shimmering Nights: GAGA for SHOULDER PADZ!

I had a shirt like this, but I had to stuff it with tissue in order to get this exact look. I bought the other shirt from Torrid and it had no shoulder pads. I wore it on this blog but I ended up taking the shirt back because I had to freaking stuff it. Sad, I know. So I go back to Torrid and saw this shirt with built in shoulder pads. It was in Clearance so I was pretty stoked. I bought it and tried it on when I got home and wa laa! I love it. It is perfect. I love big shoulders. I love them. Rose my bestie just bought a shirt with shoulder pads and she hates it. She only paid 5 dollars I think for it...*bitch*

Off subject:
One time Rose and I went shopping and Rose found a pair of cute high heeled Playboy heels for 99 cents. 99 fucking cents! I wanted to jab her and steal her feet size! I have large feet and I am tall...two strikes. Bottom line...Rose gets the best deals in the world.

I love this shirt and this is my favorite shirt ever right now!

Im sure I posted these pictures before, but I always post pictures with people with huge shoulder pads or shoulder embellishments. Yes, I am on Lady Gaga's balls. I really am. She is epic and her style makes me wanna melt. She really did bring the shoulder pads back into style. I love her.

Right now, lets get back to life. So school is tuesday. Im actually ready and excited. No complaining this time. Warning for people who just come on here for my fashion and not my constant nagging about my problems. I am back in math, AGAIN. Im a dumb ass in math. So I will be on here crying and nagging about failing test and stuff. I'll give a warning before I start my emotional rants. LOL! Hey, c'mon, at least Im being considerate. Haha! And for the rest of the people that wanna know my business, your welcome to read all my issues. Yay!

Im reading again. Little Bee is the name of the book. Im tryna get back into it. I bought it and never finished it. This weekend I hope to make it a Blockbuster night and go to this Armanian restaurant in Carlsbad. They have belly dancing and the food looks fucking yummy! Its right on the ocean..(of course....duhh, I live by the water). Im excited about that. That should be fun. Greg will be pretty happy with a rolling belly in his face and a pretty smile. TEE HEE! It does not bother me. I am not that type of least not anymore. I embrace my relationship with Greg as a real person, not just a woman in love. Im not going to sit here pretending he does not look at other women. Im not a dummy. I mean c'mon ladies....every guy looks a chicks....they do. He asked for the ball and chain, not me.

I talked to my folks and they are happy. I love them. They bought my books for school which came up to 400 dollars. Parents can be a pain, but when they chip in when you can't, you can appreciate them even more. No questions asked. They help me out. Its funny because I never call for anything and I try to keep it that way, and I do. For our Anniversary they sent me and Greg movie and date night money....amazing family. I think sometimes I forget. Can't wait to visit them do time...(wink wink Rose!)

Inspiration Pix & Shit That Just Looks Cool....

Ashlee Simpson looks awesome..I am feeling nude this year

Gaga looking like Lennon

Im getting this Album.

DUDE! This looks like Rose in highschool! Alicia Keys and Rose are Twins! Dude! I wish I could show you guys a picture of her highschoo grad pic! OMG! Werid!
Light bright look a like!

Music Listened to Today:
1.) Power by Kanye West (Still on repeat!)
2.) Cant Be Tamed by Miley Cyrus
3.) Back To Black by Amy Winehouse (
4.) Go Hard by Nicki Minaj
5.) Ready For Love by India Irie....( this..)


  1. il faut psee les big epaulettes,mais j adore la robe noire Torrid bizarre je ne l ais jamais reperee ;O)

    bon w end

  2. I love Amy Winehouse. I am desperately hoping she will put out another cd...