Tuesday, August 3, 2010

All My Life I Wanted To Be Somebody Now Here I Am! - The Wild One

So my brain is screwed again, my brain has a short in it. I get alot of inspiration, and then, its gone. What the hell. Im staring at a blank picture as I type. I want to make my own body type but I need a model. Damn it! I need someone to model for me, and of course I have no models. I wish I had a muse or something. I am so use to drawing real people I fell I forgot how to draw cartoons....*shit*

There is this girl. She is something fierce. She is my friend on Facebook but I never met her I swear. We just hung out with the same big group of people. She is so pretty. She is black, has very short hair and has the most unique face I have ever scene. I feel like a stalker. But she looks just like a character I want to create, I wish I knew her better. Her face is perfect for what I am trying to do. I wish I could show you guys her picture.

So whats my plan for tonight?

Listen to Classical music while I try to draw, sounds about right.
Wish me luck man...

Todays Outfit:
All Torrid
All black corset lines top - 20 dollarz
Black and white stripped cover up - 14 dollarz
Cropped linen pants - 46 dollarz
Belt - I forgot...it was a 50% off sale.....
Andy Warhol bag - Beat up just how I like it...

Pictures I love and adore:

Great outfit. Love the shoes....

the goddess

DAMN it! Nothing hurts more then a beautiful pair of dreds! Unfortunalty, my hair is not as kinky (nappy..as black people would say....). My hair is very soft and curly, more wavy and such. I wish it wasn't, then my hair would look more like this....

How funny?
A black girl wishing she had "nappier" hair..
Hmm... you don't hear that often..

Gaga cooking.....why is she so awesome...?

Ending the post with Willow and Jada....


  1. Willow is fabulous! :D


    p.s. thx for stopping by my blog!