Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Non-Existing Teenage Dream

Im one of those people that can not procrastinate. Maybe because I worry all the time that things won't get done. Im not sure. I literally wake up and my eyes pop wide open and I think "Did I finish my homework?" And I will not be able to sleep it off until I get up and see if I did it. If I did the work Im good. If I have not, I do nothing until I get the work done. Other wise I am stuck thinking all day about it. Its sucks being that way. But you do get things done.

Math is math. Im passing it. I got an A on the quiz but, hey, its early. Math is always easy in the beginning, its when they start smashing all that shit together.
I can say I am doing pretty good though.

Heres me by my math class. I went the day before class started to see where all my classes were so I would look crazy running around to find numbers.

So hows the people here? Where do I start. They are awesome. I seem to bond more with the latinas. Greg calls them my mamacitas. Which is funny. Im going to be honest for a second. I do not care what people think, so I am going to say it anyway. I met this chick and we started talking about clothes and cheap places to shop in class. We have math together. We met that day and after the class was over we walked to our next classes talking. Super cool chick, can dress her ASS off! So when we were about to go our separate ways she says "Nice meeting you Tia, see you next class!" and gives me this huge hug. Like, seriously...I was like..."what just happened?" She just met me and she said goodbye to me like we have known each other for years. Is that just the Mexican culture? If it is I like it. I thought that was so sweet. I love hugs. I know I sound crazy and weird but I love hugs. I think alot of people do, they just don't say it. I love hugs. I think sometimes you need human contact from time to time. Shout out to her..because she was awesome.

What you know about Kurt, Miles?

Gaga and her epic-ness

I finished LOST by the way. It was sad. It did not end the way I expected but whatever. Its over now. Great show. I will miss it. Now if Glee would hurry up and come back on. Apparently Bad Girl are not coming back on for two weeks, do you guys watch The Bad Girls Club? Rad show if you like crazy drama.

Labor day weekend my ass. I do not know what I am doing this weekend. Sorry for the no-clothes posts. I have been super busy and also, I am trying to calm down on my shopping. I would be at Torrid right now but for some reason holidays fall on the days where I have no money. And I want my 50% off.

Today I want to keep it cool. I would see Takers but I kinda want to snuggle up at home and rent some movies. I do want to go to this Armenian restaurant. Maybe we will do that when we get paid again. We still gotta get groceries and stiff for the house.
Being a grown up sucks sometimes...

Bout to wake Greg up and start the day. Love ya'll.

Ben Linus was the best villan ever! Goodbye Lost!

I need my everyday pictures of Nicki Minaj.
Im so attracted to her.
But dude, her interviews are crazy. She seems so detached. Somethings missing and odd about her. Maybe that why she is so talented.

Beth Ditto

Yeah, yeah, look fly in this picture...I give props when its do..
But Im sure you already knew that...snob...

I want this. Makes mine look weak.

guys are idiots. Greg agrees.
Music For Today:

"wanna be your lover, not your FUCKIN mother!" - Katy Perry

"No more pep rallys to cut, Ughhh!"

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