Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Update: Im A Free Bitch Baby

Im not home.

As you can tell it is tuesday and I been out my house since monday. Only because I wanted to get away from my parents. Well, my mom. Love her to bed but she gets on my nerves too much and it makes me wanna die. So Im over Roses house and I am staying for a week. I actually got some new threds but I cant show them until I am home. My camera is m.i.a.

I might do a segment on Roses room. Because her room is a fucking closet I swear..

So I might raper her closet and use that.

I've been dealing with alot of strange emotional things. Not sad things, but confusion.

But when I was talkking to my mom about it she declared I was a "free bitch", and I liked that. Im a free bitch baby. Just like from the some Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga....
Im on some other shit I know...
But hearing that makes me feel a lot better.

Top best things about staying with Rose:

1.) I can eat what I want without hiding it.

2.) I can leave my room a mess. (Roses room could look like hurricane katrina...it doesnt matter)

3.) My best friend lives here...I mean, c'mon..

4.) She has Stars and On Demand...cant get bored.

5.) Her parents are so chill and cool, there like hippies...and I love that!

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