Thursday, December 31, 2009

B.F.F. Room: Hawt Shoez Galore

To be honest I don't know why this broad hates taking pictures, or doesn't even have a damn blog. Rose has shoes galore. She could have a year supply of post with just one side of her room full with shoes. For those who don't know I stayed with Rose this whole week, to get a break from my mother. I just got home. She is doing New Years with her ex boyfriend I think, so Im on my own this year. Do I feel sad, yeah I do, this will be the first year without Greg doing new years. It sucks, but I do have my dad, and I guess my mom.
So back to the main idea, Rose has a tone of shoes and this selection is the only shoes I could get a hold of. You know, just because you don'y have a lot of money does not mean people do not have nice things.

Heres a picture of her Ed Hardy Shoes, theses are slamming

Now here we have her Pastry shoes, Im in love with purple, so theses are sweet...

Now these I got for her birthday. BCBG shoes....these are hella rad...

I think these are Guess....nice pumps for sex....
These are wedges, they look like the guess but there actually different
Rose wears a size seven.

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