Friday, December 11, 2009

The Acceptance: The Power To Love Thy Body

"Glitter on the west streets ....Silver over everything
The rivers all wet .....Youre all chrome" -Yeah Yeah Yeahs

So I read this fat acceptance blog and a woman was talking about how her parents can not stand the fact that she is fat. It of course reminded me of myself. Im kind of confused in a way. One day I love my curves and my body, and other days I feel like I need to go on a massive diet. But I feel that I have to be realistic with myself. My mom asked me what do I want more of, clothes or food. I love them both equally but I would chose food. I really like eating what I want. and I think that makes my mim very uneasy.
A part of me things I am a emotional eater. But I lived all my life with a personal trainer (my mom) so I see what she had to go through to stay thin. My mom always watched what she ate and made sure she went to the gym 3 times a week. She would never order a steak, only salad. I cant live like that..because its not me.
Im getting sleepy, its two in the morning. I feel like I have so much to say. I watching this depressing movie. Life is great.
Anyway, another thing that helps with fat acceptance is Torrid. Or any other fashionable plus size stores. My mom hates that store of course. She says because it that means people settle to be fat. Maybe she right?

Right now, just for myself, I am going to write 3 things I actually love about my body..which will be hard because I want certain things to change. I have more bad then good. But tonight I will try. Here it goes. Three things I like bout my body.

1.) Calves
I have he best calves. i dont even work out but it makes my left look very sexy, at least to me..

2.) Breast
I do have great breast, I have the perfect set up.

Im not sure if I can count this one, but I think I have a nice face.

Cool, Im done. Bout to catch some zzzs.....

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