Monday, December 7, 2009

The Thickness

I came across this sexy website and I love it. Its very racy and sexual but its all pictures of naked full-figured women embracing themselves, I might be late to the party but this is very cool. Im all about ladys embracing there bodys. Im all about it. And Im coming into my own as well.
I am reading this great book called "The Help", I swear its gonna be a movie one day. But its super good, and it made me se something about myself and my body. In the book, this girls mother always made her eat less and eat smaller, to the point where she would hide her food about the house. So when she became a adult, she got fat. Only because she was so excited to eat what she wanted that she over induldged herself (sorry cant spell...)
But she ate so much when she was on her own because she finally could. So not only was the mom trying to help her, she actually made her bigger in the future. It reminded me of myself. I mean, dont get me wrong....I love my mom...but hey, she would rather me thinner..alot thinner..
Anyway, check out the site:

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