Wednesday, December 2, 2009

If You Read This Blog: Watch This Please


  1. Here I am!!! *L*

    I know that it should be a couple's decision, but one thing that's hard to fight against is that pull that the military has. There's hundreds of reasons including serving one's country, fighting the battle of good, family traditions, blah blah blah blah blah.

    That is a good thing though if you're wanting him to stay, at least you don't have to fight against that.

    Could he study while he's deployed? From what I know there's lots of quiet times (specially when you're in IT) where they can get in a bit of correspondence study. The millitary can help pay for some of the courses too right? Maybe he should get started while he can get some of it paid for.

    What about other options like being a reservist? Not sure how it works for the Marines.. but from my experience your husband can get a civilian job in IT when he's back and the company has to hold his job for him while he's deployed. Also I think some of the cross over periods mean he'd get double pay. (I could be totally wrong in this as well .. it's been a few years/tears and goodbyes since I had dealings with this).

  2. thanx so much deb! i knew you would give great advice! thanx again!

    ur a gift i swear! lol!