Thursday, December 10, 2009

I guess What They Say Is True...Purses Is A Love That I Cant Undo...

I have a big time love for bags. I would do a whole post on all my bags, but of course, all my bags are in California. So I have no access to them as of now. But I own alot. And I mean "alot".
So here are purses that are over 1,000 dollars that I wouldn't even be able to hold. Would I pay a thousand on a bag? Hell no. But if I was rich, I would. Most of these are Coach, Jimmy Choo, or even Prada...I think? But my taste in bags are different. Usually if it doesn't stand out, I don't want it....
Check out the bags that would do me in for good....

1.) Coach Tote Bag

How cool is this, I would actually pay for this one, because this bag is only 300 dollars. I love it and its huge in person.

2.) Coach Bag Hobo style

I normally think Coach is bland and boring. Until I went to there website. I don't like the normal bland ass boring Coach, but this bag is pretty fierce, this is 600 and up.
3.) Coach Plaid Bag

Okay, this bag is kinda blaa on its own. But I love plaid bags, anything that looks like I need a bagpipe for the day, Im all for it. I own a few plaid bags.
4.) Coach Leatherwear Bag

I like this because it says Coach and you can where this with everything! I know it looks like Im a Coach fanatic but I swear Im not....If it wasn't for the website...I would't care.
5.) I dont know what this is???

BUT ITS FUCKIN HAWT. Its very plain for my taste. But there is a certain sophisticated type look to it. Now this bag is exactly 1200 dollars, no bullshit. I saw this on Karlas Closet. It might be a Coach.
6.) Betsey Johnson Bag

I actually own 2 betsey bags. She has to be my favorite bag designer. I love it! She is around my price range as well. Her bags always stand out.
7.) Jimmy Choo Bag

Feathers....I love it. Im sold just because its Jimmy Choo...honestly....
8.) Jimmy Choo Rebel Bag

Out of all the bags, this is my favorite. Its wacky, its crazy and its over a thousand dollars. In my dreams!
One thing I love about bags/purses/clutches, is that no matter what size you fits. :)

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