Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Life With Rose: 2010 around the corner...

Im still with my best friend, its been like 2 days of being away from stupid home. It is so nice not being there yet I miss them at the same time. Rose and I have been friends since we were both 11 years old. We are a great team. She helps me out, I help her out. The only suck part is I cant really show my new clothes hence Im not at my house. But I need this break I swear. See, my mothers a school teacher and the whole school district is off for two weeks. So that means two weeks off with my mom. Oh hell no. We get along better these days but shes still a headache at times. Her dream in life is for me to lose weight. I feel bad that it is not my journey and I would like to stay the size I am, or then again, I just do not want to work for it.

So, I see that now I have 3 months till I see my husband again! I can not wait. Im going through weird spells of crying and stuff. But that is normal. Right now I am doing fine.

Well, now to fat acceptance.
That is my goal for the new year. To love and accept my body. Usually my resolution would be to lose weight but who am I kidding. I can honestly say I think I love food too much. I'm from South Carolina. Eating is in my blood. And life seems so bad when you have to order a god damn salad all the time. I just can not see my self doing that at all. But you wanna know what ruined everything for me. Torrid. Because of Torrid I can wear cute clothes and still be myself. My mom thinks that store is a abomination. She hates it. This is what makes my fat acceptance blog so different then others, because I am a plus sized bitch and my mom is a personal trainer...what are the odds. What a pair right?
So here is my top 3 things that are good about being my size. Its healthy to do lists.

1. Well. for one, Torrid and other fashionable clothes for big women. That helps. And plus when I go in Torrid I do not have to try anything on. Everything fits.

2. I like black men, and lets be honest, black dudes like a big ass. But do not get y wrong, Robert Pattinson could get it.

3. Im never cold, Im guesing because of all my meat.

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