Thursday, December 17, 2009

Rose P: Chunky & Funky Fashionista of the Week

What a week. I did Christmas shopping on tuesday and had to at least drop 200 dollars. At least Im done and all my peoples are good. Im done. No more gift buying. I heard from my husband yesterday, which was nice. He is still on ship which means we are saving money, I swear he spends money like a rich person. My parents are going to South Carolina next week for christmas, I wanna go, but then again I think its better, because then my mom will be gone for most of her christmas break, aka no hovering over me.
So anyway, Rose, my bff, looked very stylish the other day so I thought I'd use her outfit for this weeks fashion. She was getting off of work. I love her coat. Rose is an ebay queen. All her wardrobe is ordered from there. Doesn't she look like the little boy Damien from the omen? Lol!

Coat: Delila Ebay
Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Nine West
Shirt: Ebay

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