Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Photography At Its Simpleness

I loved doing the post where I talked about my love for photography. I like odd photography. Something that you would not consider art. Like a plain wall with a post-it on it. I like that. The older I get the more things speak to me. Im vert artsy as I'm sure everyone can tell. So here is a few more pictures from one of my favorite new sites called weheartit.com.
Also I realized since Im here that Im realizing new things about myself. I will do a list of things that I found out about myself while on my vacation here in Maryland. Because I believe that finding yourself is art in its own way.
1. Im starting to love my body. Honestly, I am. I know being a women sometimes we all have bad thoughts about our bodies, but Im starting to except it.
2. Birth Control doesnt work for mr, ever since I got off the pill I dont feel crazy anymore.
3. I will be with Greg no matter what, I always felt something would happen to where I would feel we needed to divorce..like I would expect the worst and ask myself would I even deal with it. Now...looking at all we have been through, the answer is yes.

Now back to the photography, Im feeling pretty deep this tuesday morning.

This photo is touching to me, it is very simple but the hearts on the music notes is so what loves songs should love like on paper...

I like this picture because it reminds me of drowning and not even being in water, a feeling I know about...

These shoes are so cool, all of them, who knew shoes could be art? I like beat up shoes better then new ones...

How bad ass are these ballerina flats? I honestly just like the shoes...
I love Mac, and the colors are so vibrant and strong, who knew lipstick could make such a pretty picture?

I usually dont listen to Lilly Allen, but I like the lyrics, it reminded me of me and the hubbers..
Ripped stocking are hot.

I wish this was my bedroom, open and around nature, Im a nature hound, anything with big windows I am a fan..

How sexy is Mia Farrow?

These channel earrings are to die for, I wish I could have them all to myself...I love the drips.
This picture makes me kinda uneasy...makes you wonder why the ballon is there....weird.....

I always had a fetish for Nicole Ritchie, shes a fox in her own way and her swag is amazing.
Nice boots
I love graffiti

I love bracelets and jewelry, alot of the rockstar bad ass jewelry, something kat von d would wear....

How did she get up there?

I agree......

How gaga is this? Its not her but it is so something she would wear! Dont you agree?
Your God Damn Right.................The definition of style.......

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