Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Home Is a Feeling I Buried In You

Me and my beloved macbook pro. Ahh, I love her to death. The reason why I type and do blogs. So anyway, after today it is christmas. Am I excited, sure.
But yes, emotionally I am having a hard time. Very hard time. Im am crying all the time and I have not really sat down and cried about anything in a long while. I cried all day. You would have thought I was on birth-control all over again. I hate everyone and I feel like I want people to help me jump off a cliff. People would say it is the holidays that has you sad and in a state of depression. But Greg and I where never a big holiday type couple. I just think I wanna go home, with him.
Im ready now. But its only December, I have a little ways to go. Then Im with him again.
All him.
I've been acting strange all day since yesterday. I layed on the floor and cried while listening to the most depressing soundtrack New Moon. I am not the only one. Greg sent me a email about how all of a sudden hes getting more sadder and sadder cause we can not be together. So Im guessing its not just me. He is feeling it as well.
But I hear this is natural.

So back to what this blog is actually about. I went to the store New York and Company and found two great shirts there which is displayed on the bottom. The whole store was 50 % off everything. And to my suprize they had extra large. I think I have been twisted to make me think i can only shop at Lane Byrnt and Torrid. But the shirts ft wonderfully!

By the way, Im trying to finish the book called The help which I hope everyone gets a chance to I will try to read The Lovely Bones.

Heres the shirt from NY&CO...pretty cute right...
Here the other one...... both were 12 dollars...

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