Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Brunch: Photography At Its Peak

I cant afford good art. But I love looking at it. Im one of those girls that would have banged the hell outta that guy from the movie American Beauty. You know, the one who thought taping the plastic bag in wind was beautiful. Im an art junkie. My major is Graphic design and illustration...don't ask when Im graduating.....
Any who, here are some works that either I like alot or they just speak to me.

I love this one. Its plain and straight to the point. Something I would wanna see when I wake up.

This one of course speaks to me, being plus sized and trying to find the meaning of being beautiful.

Talk to the hand. I love this because this is what talking to the hand means, it means fuck off.

I just thought this was funny...

I love this. I do not know exactly why yet. I fell Im the bigger girl and my friend is my life...and we are waiting for certain storms to come, and all we have is each other......deep right?

Everyone wants more of something, and this plate describes what I like more off, I want this damn dish...

There is a mystery with this photo. Fog and the girl in a hoodie, all things covering whats going on....mystery is the word for this one...i love it...

The story of my life. PERIOD!

All photography from the awesome website

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