Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Dayz: Its Money Honey

What a weekend. So much has been going on, and yes, shopping was involved. So much good and so much bad. Well, I consider everything bad. But either way, Memorial Day was not as easy sailing as usual. Right now it about 9:51 at night. Just cleaned the kitchen with some Pine Sol and some room spray. Used my Swifer Jet. Cleaned up my chili that I made which was a hit tonight. Everything is great. As of right now.
Last week was a fucking mess. My account got fucked up. Of course. Figures. Greg tells me the account was withdraw and I freaked the fuck out. It was pretty bad. I have no clue how the fuck it got so bad. Are card does not have debit and it can get so confusing I swear. Either way, I had to call my parents (which I HATE doing and never do) and ask for some mula do get my account straight again. What the fuck.
I felt stupid. I no, I no, sometimes you have to call on someone for some help. But what if they were not here to help me? I always think about that. I feel since I am an adult I need to be on point all the time. Never ask for money or any hand outs. It sounds insane but thats how I feel. And now that I have a child inside me I felt like such a loser asking for my dad to help me out. I hated it. Its deep rooted...
But in the end, the account got straight and everything is fine. I am just going to make sure this shit doesn't happen again. My parents never hold shit over my head, nor do they ask me to pay them back...I just feel I shouldn't ask. I know, its crazy...
I know Im human, but hey...
So this weekend we went to Oceanside Harbor and ate at Joe's Crab Shack. Made me miss Maryland just a little. Maryland is the place for crabs for sure. Yum!
We chilled there most of the weekend. Also, I got some super buys at Old Navy! I can't wait to post. You have to excuse the late-ness. Since the money issue came I almost lost track of the blog. But hey, its over.

Im looking at Oceanside and already kinda missing it. I hate when I get attached to things, people or places. I asked Greg one night in bed if he thought we would stay in California. He said "Honestly? No." I agree, I don't see us staying. I love the idea of California, but to raise my child here alone sounds crazy. I do want my folks around and they already sound like there ready to help. Something about California. The thought of me leaving feels so wrong. But then again, Im in the military, and nothing is really your home. At least not to me.
I have to get over this attachment. And focus on the huger picture. Which I am.
I hate the unknown.
But I welcome anything that gives me answers.

I love lighthouses!

at the chess game..

another beautiful shot of the harbor..

More shots below:

my dude...
Right now Gregs running. I always have to push him to run. But its cool. As long as he gets it done. Marines always gotta be in shape. Sucks for him because he is addicted to ice-cream and cake. So much is going on you guys. But the bad part is over. At least I think it is. I need to learn how to relax, but who knows when that will be.
*Greg just walked in! Eee!*

Great weekend (besides the money damage, thank you Dad!) over all. I will post an outfit this weekend because Old Navy did the damn thing! Torrid had there little 50% off sale, eghh. Like I said Im losing my lust for them. I went to this new Torrid downtown San Diego and they were a lot better then the one I go too. Yet, the shirts that were on clearance were STILL 29.95. Like really? So either way I am paying 15 dollars a shirt. Come on Torrid! Really?! I was at Old Navy racking up shirts for 2 dollars..but thats another post...tee hee..

I'll be sure to post the greatest this week!
Love you all! Mwah!

Oh! By the way!
Enjoy the rest of the Holiday!

Love you Greg.


  1. Oh looks like you had fun!!! I love finding $2 shit in stores....but like you...I HATE STINGY SALES and refuse to buy on principle..... like $3 off original price is not a sale...its a crappy discount that you can get in most stores any way.....we want CRAZY SAVINGS!!! Also I feel you on the money front....I went started my college degree after working for a few years after high when I went back to being a full time student I HATED HAVING NO MONEY and I hated that I had to ask my family for cash....but you comes and and friends are there to help and you will be able to return the favour at some other time.....

    thanks for you post....I really like them

    Mele xo

  2. The good thing is you have parents who are willng to help and be thankful for that!! My parents are the same way, they don't mind helping as long as they know I am doing right!

    We went to Old Navy too and I got the cutest dresses for ten bucks. I love Summer sales!

  3. I want to go to job crab shack. I know how you feel about asking for money. I'm glad you were able to get everything ok again.

  4. I am totally with you on asking for help from parents, I feel bad about it too, but transition into adulthood has its rough patches, let’s just be grateful they are always willing to help us.

  5. OMG GIRL, you know were going to be front row and center at X-MEN. I love that series and this movie looks like its going to be SO GOOD. Plus James Avery...HOTTIE!!

    I am telling you Hangover II, was just crazy. It was kind of over the top, but let me know when you see it....LOL

  6. Girl I know what you mean about asking folks for money. When I got out of the military and went back to school it was hard out here for this pimp!! lol No seriously my husband and I (we weren't married then) could not find jobs to save our lives and his parents and my grandma helped us a lot! I was so embarrassed and would be close to starving before I would even allow him to ask them for money. Pride is not always the best thing. Anyway now that I am a parent I could not even imagine having any thoughts about my daughter needing money from me at any point in her life. No matter how old she gets she is always gonna be my baby and I will always help her and make certain that she is stable and healthy. So glad you have parents that are in a position to help are very blessed. It looks like you and Greg have the best times together and I need to come with you to these amazing sales you are always finding!! Kiah