Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Cannes & The Perfect Print

Im hungry. So hungry...
Soon I am hopping out of this bed and getting something to eat. I can't take it anymore. Im wanting a sandwich or something with cheese in it. Yum. Yet I have the problem of waking up too early and every-things closed. I woke up thinking a lot. I talked to Greg before he left and he calmed me as always. I keep freaking out about the timing. Sigh. Im such a spazz.
Sorry, back to fashion.
I need to learn how to stick to one subject and separate life and fashion...
Usually, I take dress pictures outside but its actually raining in southern california..

This dress is actually from Target. On sale for about 10.99. I love it. Of course it has an amazing print. Anything that looks tribal or african/mexican comes with me. Its the best! I wish I could find more. I usually find a nice print on a whim.
I love this military jacket, but of course, I got it from Torrid. The fucking button popped off. Yes I got this on sale and yes, I know Torrid has a tendency to sell cheap clothes but come on! This jacket is regularly 64 dollars. What A Lie! Yet they can't sow on a damn button right. I just bought this jacket and already! I don't even wear it that much!
Anyway, Here are the rest of the looks:

The Dress:
The Print:

Celebrity Eye Candy:
The Cannes was this weekend. And this bitch stole the fucking show. In a good way. I love Angelina. She is so epic and hot. I love her relationship with Brad. There is so much emotion and sex.... you can tell. Brads movie The Tree Of Life premiered and I WANT to see it bad! It comes out worldwide May 27th. I so wanna see it. Looks touching.

But back to Angie..
She looked stunning...

That dress...

Rolling In The Deep
How hot does she look? I love how she owns her body. Soon I feel she is gonna hop on the band wagon of Jennifer Hudson. Then again maybe not. I don't see that happening at all. I hate the fact that in the video for "Rolling In The Deep" she is all covered and sitting down the whole video. She looks amazing. I wish she wasn't so covered...
Either way, she looks amazing. That face.

Im jealous of her fucking ass, Im sure its fake but...GOSH! It sits perfectly on her back and legs. Im sure I don't have to announce who this is.
Lies. And is that who she is banging now? ..wolf..


Hayden P.
I posted this look about a week ago, but this is a better picture. She looks amaze in pink. She always get amazing colors that rock her skin tone.

I have no clue who she is...
But she is a celeb..
This is at the Cannes again, I have no clue who she is, but I loved this outfit! Im sure she is an actress of some sort but this dress was a killer. Sorry for the no namer.
Love her shoes!

Rachel McAdams
Fierce! Once again, this is at the Cannes. I think besides Angelina who was more traditional with her dress... this was the best. It was original and full of diva. Love the fact she wore pants..Oh and her red lips! Ugh! I can't! The tones she is wearing is perfection. LOVE. IT!

Britney S. On Bazaar Magazine:
Honestly, she looks great in this. Im not feeling her album though, I crossed over to the gaga and Im never coming back...

Kim K.
Love the romper....and the mega belt..

(Chick from Alice and Wonderland)
Beautiful, nuff said...ladies were doing it at the Cannes!

Kat Von D.

Brit & Kim
Britney looks great. So does Kim Im at a lost, but I think Kim won this dress battle...

Chris & Rihanna?
So Rihanna saved Chris Brown on Twitter? Did Twitter become facebook for celebs? I think thats lame. Chris Brown is such a downgrade. I can't stand him...

I love her red hair. I love her...but that shit with her saving Chris Brown is stupid...
Why did she do that? You can stalk people without following them...right?

Zoe S.
@ the Cannes

J Hud

Selena Gomez

Nicole R.

Beth Ditto

Love Ya'll!


  1. Sooo much!!! First of all, that baby is the cutest thing I've seen since the last time I checked the mirror. I want that baby, she comes with a tutu, Gucci and money! Secondly, I really like your dress; I'm too a sucker for tribal/Mexican/ethnic prints. The color is really pretty too. I totally fucks with Kimmy and (almost) everything she does fashion-wise. She looks ahhh-mazing in that dress! And Kanye.. really... smh, how dare you!! That should be my fat ass up on that balcony. I'd let him do some thangs. Look at his face though, like, he has the face ON. I'm saving that picture, to imagine that he's looking at me like that. I also saved his dick flicks. Remember those? He's so hot. I hate the Gag-a, and I love old Brit... I've been hanging onto hip hop for dear life here lately, so I'm all about that right now. Great post chock full of goodness... thanks you made an OK lunch break awesome!

  2. Cute Dress. The baby is so cute. You comment gave me a huge smile yesterday. I think Kim rocked that dress way better. Plus Brittany looks like she has no boobies in that dress.

  3. every time i see a pic of adele, i instantly become envious of her beauty and talent. she is gorgeous...i feel the same about j.hud...about 20 lbs ago. lol

  4. LOL, look at that baby.

    I like your dress and I rarely shop at torrid because of their quality I can't understand why their prices are so high! I have bought several pair of boots that have fallen apart. I did catch a great sell where a purchased some cute skirts for $5 bucks and a coat for dirt cheap, that I have to get altered tho.

  5. This is an adorable get up!! You look just amazing!!

  6. I love the dress! I swear, you are rocking pregnancy so well! I love it! I am a fan of the old Britney and I still love Gaga. I could only wish for a body like Kim Kardashian.

    Sarah Jane R.