Monday, May 16, 2011

Something Like An Odd Future

Holla Peps!

School has finally come to a close, at least for most of you. Im debating on coming to Maryland or not. It seems like people have other agendas and so do I. I want to take a summer class, yet my folks are heading to South Carolina. Like what the fuck? Im not sure where this plays out. I really wanna go, but it seems to be another trip that might fall through like the rest.

Please excuse me.
Im dealing with dumb shit in my apartment.
I hate them. Im glad that eventually I am moving...what the fuck with this place. It was fun while it lasted but..Im over it..

Anyway, this weekend was pretty amaze. Greg and I camped out and made smores. No, we never left the house. I know, pretty lame. But we bought horror movies and smores and we made it a good ole camping our living room...
Check It Out:
My mom feels like I should not watch horror movies while I am pregnant because it will scare the baby. Yes, she says this.
*side eye*
If this is my seed, she is gonna wanna watch crazy shit like this as well, her daddy likes it too woman! I dunno. I hear so much shit about what you shouldn't or should do. I almost give up. I am not having any problems right now or complications. I had no idea pregnancy was this easy..
Its not so bad for me..

Here are the movies:
Greg prepping the smores

Oooo yes! And it was good!

So Im doing this thing that I saw Kat Von D do on Twitter...
You draw a sketch a day...
So I thought I would start now. It lasted a whole weekend, and I am just drawing my feelings. I love the fact that my drawing tell a story. It even insults people and most have no idea its them. Everyone in my life has a symbol. Its sign language almost. Greg analyzed it last night and got it right.
The picture is called "Arms"

Sketch 1:

Have to give a major shout out to Holly!
She sent me Hello Kitty shirts!
I died! I loved it! So I have to say thank you so much Holly....It made my day. Its nice to be thought of. Love you much for this.

Can you imagine this bitch walking into to Torrid...she did say she got weird looks..
hahaha! love it
Here are the shirts I got in the mail! She even got the size right!
Thanks again Holly!

Rosie In High Def
Rose had the coolest weekend I think. She went to a kids spa with her nieces (her boyfriends sisters kids). It looked freaking fun and the walls were very pink! Ekk! It looked so cool. She took some photos, so I thought I would show them to everyone. It was too cute. Its such a good idea if you have little girls and want to treat them out for something girlie.
Here they are getting their makeup done. So cute! I love their robes.
gettin nails did
ughh so cute...
Here was Rosie's outfit that day...I WANT HER BELT...

Celebrity Eye Candy

Jennifer Lopez & Jennifer Hudson
They both look super cute. I love the fact J.lo brung out the leopard print shoes. Im not feelings J Huds shoes very much...eghh..

Rihanna In White
Love the middle dress. She is amaze...
Rihanna In Stripez
Its a little much, but hey, its Rihanna and she can do no wrong in my eyes...
thats a bad bitch...

Jennifer Hudson
Eghh, Im so not feeling Jennifer as much these days, but her fashion game is getting crazier and crazier since she lost weight. I have been her look, can't lie.

What the fuck is Nicki Minaj wearing? And that hat?! Dude!!?

That hat is killing me, so very 90's...Ughh...
I dunno, Ima need Nicki Minaj's style game to go up a little higher...please...this is ridiculous..
J Hud again, looking fab...

Speaking of Jennifer Hudson, *sigh* another one bites the dust....
Another thick beautiful girl has lost weight to be like everyone else in Hollywood..
Lets give a nice wave goodbye to Raven Symone...
Here is Raven now...WTF!!?!?!?!?
she looks sick.
Im over her..

Music 4 Earz
So... music has been m.i.a these days for me. Not much has been popping off. I mean, Judas came out and I loved it. I have been holding onto Gaga's coat tail for that new album to come out. Im excited but realized I have been missing out on the talent that is on right now. I got some new albums that I have been banging and I love it. I no I should listen to music more. I really need too. It makes life better.
Here are some sounds that I am kicking too:

Christina Perri:
I love her album so far. It kinda whisks you away for awhile. Very airy and poetic themes. Its all love songs and who doesn't love those. She looks very Kat Von D, I love it. I have not heard all of her album, but "Arms" is my favorite song along with "Jar of Hearts."
Best To Download: Arms

Another album Im digging is The Sounds
Its brand new. I love it. The Sounds are not new, but this album is. It sounds very electronic yet it has rock mixed in.
Best Download: Something to die for & Yeah Yeah Yeah song..

So far, the Album I am feeling the most!
This album is crazy. I love it. Its a guy named Tyler The Creation and he is known for his single called Yonkers which is an awesome song! The video is crazy. I love the fact he is a geek. Awesome shit! The independent album they have out is called Goblin. So far, so good. I have not finished the album yet, but when I do, I'll tell you if the hype is still up.
Tyler is like a mix of Kid Cudi, a dash of Lupe Fiasco and a 1/4 cup of Eminem...
and there you have it..
A nice slice of Odd Futures main man Tyler The Creation...
Its vulgar, Its crazy, and Its soo me!
Best Download:
Yonkerz & Goblin

Check them out!


  1. GIRL SHUT YO MOUTH!! THAT IS NOT RAVEN SIMONE!! OMG she looks so tiny! What happened? Love your Kitty tee and Rose's belt is fabulous! Kiah

  2. I want a smore now.

  3. I also adore Hello Kitty! The smores look amazing. Great music and celeb candy post as well. Loving your blog chica!

    Sarah Jane R.

  4. Fucking love this blog... and here I was thinking I'm the only Black adult female down with Odd Future, and cussing and shit on my blog. Hoorah!! I'm about to read this over...yes, a new fave *high five*

  5. oh too cute!!! I wanna find someone to have smores with and campout in my lounge room....So many reasons why I love this post and your blog....but I'll just say I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT

    Mele xo