Monday, May 9, 2011

A New York State Of Mind: Lil Black & White Numberz

Oh my god! Its the season of the dresses! Talk about a hard on! Well, If I had a penis. I went to Ross department store (Rose's haven) over the weekend and saw so may dresses on sale. I am going to take this moment to say F-You Torrid! I found dresses up to 4x under the price of 10.99 and lower! I almost fainted! If I would have bought a dress from Torrid that looked like this one I would have paid 34.00 on clearance! Im done. Okay, not completely done.
When its 50% off clearance again my ass will be there...can't lie...
But on the regular..
no fucking way..

The Black Number~
I found this beauty on the sale rack for six dollars and some change. And of course add tax but still. Cheap Dress! It looks very Kim K. I have to say! I hate her but her ass would rock something like this. The dress goes out on the sides like a triangle. Made for big hips. Please mind the shortness of it, my belly is kinda taking over, honestly. But it fits perfectly. Its a 2x, just right in my size..Im in love..

Everyone should go to Ross, at least once...theres no end to the possibilities!

Thought maybe I would show some leg...
God I love this dress...
I really need to get back into to dresses. I don't look horrible in them. Actually, Im surprised Im rocking this dress given the fact I have no sleeves...usually, thats a no-n0. Oh well, I guess Im liking what I see in the mirror these days..
"Where The Fuck Is Your Bump?" - Anonymous

Many people said to me that I really do not even look slightly different nor do I look a bit pregnant at all. Even my parents gave me the side eye when I sent pictures for them. I am five months now. I am five months and some weeks but I don't really now the whole week thing works???...Don't laugh. I know its sad. But HEY! Im a newbie at this stuff. So here is me on the side. You can see more of the bump when Im turned.

Isn't this Kim K?
I took the flash off so you guys can see the material and the real look of this awesome dress...
I love the leather strap...doesn't look six dollar...
omg! Orgasm!

The White Number~
Rose found this hot ass dress over the weekend. I mean totally beautiful. She looked elegant, very angelic. She sent it to me while I was out and I texted her back "Buy it.."
And Yes, this is from Ross.

The embroidery on the collar is amazing.Love it.
To bad we don't live near each other anymore, we could have shopped together...
Rose also got this belt for 40 something cents I think...
Yes, cents...
fuck! jealous! I want!

Rose found this new place called Gallo. Its not new actually. But its new for Rose. She said she found so much stuff on sale. I think Gallo is east-coast. So if your on that side of the U.S, check out Gallo.
Rose also got her Black dress on, and purple....

Gwen Stefani
"Mommy Swag"
Lets be honest, Gwen makes motherhood fashion seem so easy. I mean, I do feel there is a certain look your suppose to rock when you have kids. I mean at least a little but of a change. But If Im changing anything, its look like Gwen...


I want her pants....
wurk bishh

"Celebrity Candy"

Ashlee Simpson
I love her hobo look, shoot me....I do wish she would get rid of that same ole hat...

Jenna who plays Tina from Glee
The paps might have caught her on a bad day, but hey, she looks fab... Im digging the shoes..

Umm, can I be honest?
Princess Kate Middleton
People keep saying she is a fashion Icon, but what the fuck? She looks like she shops at JC Penny like the rest of the world. Woah, hey, there is nothing wrong with JC Penny. But if your a princess step your swag up, thats all...

Lady Gaga
Umm, yeah, only she can pull this

Im feeling it

Haley Williams from Paramore
her hair kills me in a very good way...

Queen Of Good Weave
Her dress was a killer over the weekend, I wanted to post her sooner. Her mermaid hair is so hot. Love it.

she looks thin...

Her video came out for her song California King..
She looks beautiful in it though I am sure...

So overall, its Monday. My weekend is over. I enjoyed it and had good thoughts. I feel great. Last week I felt down as most of you know, but now...for some reason Im on the island of I don't give a fuck. Don't know how long Im going to stay there but Im enjoying. After awhile, peoples opinions and comments started to sound funny. By Saturday I could give a fuck about peoples issues with my life. Because in the end, shit ain't changing. Plus I had such a great time with Greg this weekend that when I looked at him, I realized...hell...shit doesn't matter. I got him.

Plus, people thought instantly when we got married that Greg would go in the Marines, cheat on me, beat me and I was marrying too young and that we would be divorced in a year....(no seriously...people said that to my face) That shit bothered me too...but...
look at me now..

I was laying in bed and thought about Good Will Hunting. Which is like the greatest movie in the world in my opinion. I remember a certain part in the movie. Which had nothing to do with me but I loved the attitude in the scene...
And I will follow it because it was so meaningful and tough...

Matt Damon: When I was younger, my father was a mad drunk.
Always picked fights with me. Sometimes he would lay out things he would offer to beat me with and I would have to choose.

Robin Williams: What were the things he put out?

Matt Damon: He put out belt, a paddle, and a wrench.

Robin Williams: Thats an easy pick..I would pick the belt...

Matt Damon: Naw, I picked the wrench....

Robin Williams: Why would you pick that?

Matt Damon: Because fuck him. Thats why....

my man...
now thats a bad mother-fucker...

and I agree....
because fuck them.


  1. You look cute! I have that same dress but mine came from dots. I usually wear it as a shirt.

    Cute bump.

  2. AWESOME BARGAIN FIND!!! That dress looks fab on you!

  3. Awesome dress, you look great in it! I love Ross, you can find some great deals there. :)

    Principessa Gabriella

  4. yessss ross is the go-to store for cheap summer maxis!

  5. man i miss ross! i used to shop there all the time, they have some great stuff! your dress looks amazing! it is very kim k! lol loved it. and looks like rosa got some hot stuff too. Just wondering how lady gaga jumped into them high ass heels...hmmwith a ladder?

  6. Okay so another thing to add to our growing similar list...I love ROSS!! I live in that store. They have the cutest shoes and dresses for super cheap!

  7. Girl I know you better shut yo mouth and slap both our mommas!!! That dress is BAD! That dress is SEXY!! That dress looks BOMB ON YOU!! I love it! This is most def my favorite outfit thus far. You still can't tell you pregnant from the side either. Girl I didn't show until I was 7 months! I woke up one day like...what tha hell!! haha I think we fuller women carry it better. In my case...since I already have 2 stomaches...I just tucked the baby in one of them and kept it moving! haha Love Good Will Hunting! Love you and Rose...wit her fine self in that cream dress! lol Kiah


  9. You are so smart for just buying plus size instead of maternity wear. That's what I started doing because maternity clothes are mad expensive. I love your locs! They are so beautiful! How do you re-twist them? I am trying to do it on my own for mine and it is just unsuccessful :/ Thanks for commenting on my blog! I am following you :)

    Sarah Jane R.