Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cerulean & Surreal: Couples, Gags & Disappointments

Thanks for the funny and awesome comments yesterday on my video you guys!
And for those who did not comment Im glad you watched it as well!
It was fun making it.

So I am checking out Memorial Day sales that should be popping this evening. I noticed Torrid has the worst sale possible. Im hopping that by friday the 50% off clearance deal will be back on. But from what it looks like you buy something off clearance and then get the second thing 50% off. Bitch please. They are killing me. I was on the phone with Rose and she brought up how Torrid's sale looks stupid and it made me cringe even though I already knew about the dumb as sale ahead of time.

I guess I'll shop around somewhere else. What the hell Torrid! How does Hot Topic have 50% off clearance and thats the same company! Fuck Torrid...
but if they have that sale again I'll be there..
Such a hypocrite....
But c'mon..seriously...Torrid your clothing is flimsy as hell, at least have your clearance be on point.. yeesh
Shirt: Marshalls (on sale)
Earrings: Forever 21

Forever 21 has the best jewelry hands down. Thats how I feel. Every time I walk in there I get giddy with glee. I use to think Hot Topic but I see myself leaning away from the punk plastic and more towards the feathery earthy Boho earrings.

Love the burst off yellow...

Lace on the blazer is my fav..
Eyes are Hot Topics palette...
from my last post
closer look of the earrings:

Also, while on the sale kick from last weeks purchases...
I got Britney Spears tee shirt for 4.99

Soon to be in Las Vegas next week....
Here is Rose all fresh faced in the Thrift store. So Im talking to this girl about a month ago about how Thrifting in Maryland (home state) is better than California. She swears up and down it sucks around here now and there is nothing in the thrift stores anymore. Now this month, she is finding all this shit at the Thrift Store, the same one she was talking shit about! What the hell Rose! Egh, Im pissed I can not join the fun. But one of the purchases I really loved that she grabbed from the "horrible thrift store" was this amazing dress. She is wearing it to her works luncheon on friday. She should wear it to Vegas as well.
Don't you think?
Its formal, but whats not out in Viva Las Vegas?
Love the see-through sheerness..
She got it for 14 dollars which Rose thinks is pushing it for a thrift store..
I agree, but you have to admit, amazing buy..
Enjoy Vegas Babez!

Gaga's cd has been growing on me a lot more. I find myself sticking to the three songs I like and playing them on repeat. But either way, Im going to get to the rest.

Im sure God and everyone has heard.
Kim K is getting married.
Look, I know everyone is on her nut sack and thinks she is hot shit. But this chick does anything to get attention. This wedding will be planned in a month and she will have a bigger dress than Kate fucking Middleton! She finally can gain the attention away from Kourt and Khloe and be the center of attention. Kim is already telling everyone how many carats her damn diamonds are in the fucking magazine. Ughh!
She goes straight to US Weekly to boast about it! OH MY GOD! They been together 6 months and he spelled out in roses on the bed "will you marry me". Welp, she got her baller. I can't stand that fucking Kardashian for shit. Let the new reality show "Kim and Kris" start rolling..
because we all know its all about Kim.
The madness...

Meanwhile in Fashion:
Solange looked fab

Not a huge fan, but that hair is to die for!
she looks bad ass..!
Killen um!

She looks so sexy. I think they should show her body more. No its not skinny but they always seem to cut her off at the neck on covers...c'mon people.....I think she is a fucking fox.

In other sad couple news..
Lil Wayne (man of my dreams)
has a new girlfriend...
He could do better...
But I don't have hair down my back...
but I could wayne..

Hotest Couple:
Angie and Brad...
Love them

Gagaloo was on the Dave Letterman show. I loved it. Cool interview. When he asked her if she was dating anyone or if she had a boyfriend she said "why?"
Love her...

So Long Peeps!
Congrads to the classy and always clothed Kim on her engagement...


  1. Cute outfit. I can't believe that Kim is engaged.

  2. cAN YOU SAY beautiful!!! Thats what you are!

  3. I love that color on you girl! You got it on the eyes to match too!! I see you BOO!! lol Kim need to sit down somewhere. The hefa is all over the place. What does she do anyway? I mean she owns a store. How did she get so famous from that?? I think she crazy for letting Reggie go. He was FINE!! Who is this thang she with now? Cassie is beautiful! She used to be a model. Is she still with Diddy, Puffy, Puff Daddy, Puff the Magic Dragon...what is he calling himself these days!! lol I will just say this...if ugly people make beautiful babies...the baby Lil Wayne and that new one create will be a BEAUT!! lol

  4. that's a nice outfit! that pop of yellow earrings really gives an "edge" on your outfit! love the studs on your neckline too! they look fab! anyway i'm your new follower. pls visit my site if you have time! kisses!