Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Amethyst & Lavender: A Princess, Weight-loss, & Galaz

mulberry & mauve
I love purple. Its my color, next to turquoise. Something about chocolate ladies in these colors. It just works I think. I look pretty simple today. No need to get all glossy. Im getting tired and tired by the day. I love my big belts. Oh man what an accessory! I want more. Hopefully I can find one thats yellow or violet. Nothings better than a pop of color. I get my belt from Torrid (duhh) and I love them because they look tight but its so not. Its velcro and stretchy, even my feather belt is stretchable and resizable.
I need more...
Leggings: Old Navy
Scarf: Hot Topic
Shirt: F21
Purple Cardigan thingy: Torrid
Shoes: Torrid
The leopard shoes are old. I had them forever, but they always throw an outfit for a loop.
Love these! Plus their flat which is HARD TO FIND! I can't wear stilettos, my balance and height laughs at me. These are comfy as well..

curves ahead...
closer shot:

In the land of the best-friend, she is getting ready for the big V. Which is Vegas baby! She leave near the end of May which will be here in no time. What are her Vegas outfits? Im not too sure. Hopefully she'll send me what she has. Im finally...maybe 15% over the fact Im not going. Before I was at 100% for losing money and not being able to see her, but now, Im relaxed about it. Greg and I are seeing NOW exactly why Vegas got bamboozled, and its starting to all make since now...
Thank god...
Even though shes gonna be so close to me...(what the fuck, still kinda annoyed by that) at least she will have her "romantic" time alone.
Too have sex and role play...

Must of been hot in Maryland today, because Rose was wearing this to work...yum...lol!
Im guessing thats the sun dress from Avon...

And also, Rose is on a diet..
I have no clue. She looks pretty perfect to me. But we all as woman always feel we gotta make some changes. I do as well. I remember watching Jada Smith on The View saying how she wishes she was alot thicker but is stuck with such a musclar structure. Jada is a power house, her body is super hot. But even she thinks it needs work...
She said "Thats just us as women, we will never be satisfied..."
Now that I think about it, I have small friends that wear a size five and even they say they need to get tones..
Either way, I think Rose is beautiful the way she is...if I told her that she would just say
"go blow me"...
nice tat baby...
silly sexy bitch..
I honestly felt that Kate Middleton should have done it up on her wedding day. Oh please! Do not get me wrong! She looked stunning, and classic. But if I was marrying a prince. Im going all out. Im gonna have a veil thats like 3 miles long. I swear...let that be me..
I'd be one dramatic princess....
Now this picture from the after party, I thought she looked amazing....
Look at her waist??
Damn Kate...hows that salad?
I know, I know, it was not my wedding. Especially coming from me, a woman who got married in converse and a white sundress (that I still have) wink wink...
But hey a girl can dream...
Im one of those chicks that are not big on weddings but if I had that big england princess money..
A bitch would be fierce....

If she wanted to keep in simple she could have rocked this. But I hear you have to wear sleeves in the catholic church...I'd still wear this, jesus wouldn't mind..

Kate looking plain...but beautiful...
The lace was pretty flawless....

Now if this was me, this would have been my dress...I mean...how different is this?
I like..
theres something about gowns...there so dramatic...

Bad Ass Bridemaidz:
so beautiful...


The One Who Did It Best:
Nicole Ritchie
And her arms were covered! Nicole did the damn thing. I think Kate should have had her dress more dramatic at the bottom. The top part was great. I would have worn more weave though.
Tee Hee..

Quick MET Gala Review:
I know everyone has seen these pictures on other blogs and websites. So Im not gonna draw it out. Im just gonna state who I thought was best dress and who I though was lame. Everyone came out last night in Ny. I was quite surprised. Beautiful looks...it was hard to look bad. I did not see anyone that looked tore up, honestly...
Just some were not on their "on" game.
Best Improved New Look:
Taylor S.
Bout time she grew up from them prom dresses! I was getting sick of that shit!

Runner Up Third Place Winner
Blake Lively
This dress is different and sexy, I have to say she made Rihanna look blah...can you believe it?

Worst Dress
Solange K.
It kills me to say it, but...I hate it. The dress it cute, but, I dunno, she coulda done better..

Runner Up Second Place
Beyonce K.
I dunno, I think Blake got Beyonce on this one, her curves are making me bias as hell..
eww Jay Z...o_O
The Egh Award
I want to like it, I kinda do...but others showed her up. And that braid is a bit whomp whomp.. Rihanna, Im sorry...

Shocked she is not my best dress?
Best Dress goes too..

Christina Ricci
God Damn! I love this fucking dress! She looks hot. I would wear this!
Its dramatic, its all black, its daring, its beautiful!
Love it!
Not to mention its different....

Other Celebrity Junk:

Kat Von D.
I love her style, always will....
Taylor S.
I love her hair blown out, I like when she looks older, not fifteen...like her demographic..

Have no clue who this is, but I love how she did the shoes...

Eva Pigford...
She has been doing the damn thing lately right???

Kim K.
All she does right is wear nice shoes, I honestly don't think she is "fashionable" she just knows "what" to wear.....you feel me???

And of course, you all have heard, Bin Laden is dead. Rose thinks he is not. I think he is. I think Obamas speech after announcing it was pretty damn good. The way he walked off...
was even better..
until then..


  1. OKAY-That purple on you-AMAZING!

  2. Girl you are so funny....lol @ my train would be 3 miles long!

    You look cute in your purple! My bestfriend would love this post her fave color is purple too. I love your shoes!

  3. You look great. I love Taylor swift outfit. I can't believe how tiny Kate Middleton is. I also love you shoe.


  4. Those leopard print shoes are fabulous!

  5. i wore a sundress when I got married too!. It had straps but my big boobs broke one so i just went strapless with some gray stappy shoes and a gray sash

    i think is solange would have sorten the dress, it would have worked. the two prints clash too bad and short dresses are good for her. beyonces dress was horrible, rihanna wig and all of the above was blahzay. Ms. Ricci hurt em up with that dress!

  6. Thanks for stopping by! Its a small world :) your from around my way and you are rockin my FAV color :)

  7. omg i just love rihanna's dress!! btw wtf is goin on with jay z's nappy curly top?! lmfao ohh noo