Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Tusk Of The Scheisse

This was me going out this weekend. I had a hat but of course I lost it. It looked better with the whole look of course. Geez, where the fuck is that hat! Oh well, I loved it because it had great sparkles on it. Can't have enough sparkle.

The main thing I wanted to display was my tusk necklace.
It turned a lot of heads over the weekend.
I love it.

Its from Forever 21 and it was about 6.50, I love how its pretty tribal-like shall I say...

Everything else is from Marshalls except the shirt. I got that from the sale on saturday. Man that was a good sale. Rose texted me her Old Navy goodies as well.. Figures we shopped alone and get the same things...
The shirt was 2.95...I kid you not! Amazing sale you guys and thats just one shirt. Sometimes its easy being green...

Earrings from this pretty cool website called Wana Trading:
Rose got me on to this site, jewelry for 2 bucks or more...
matched my tusk..

Close Up:

Old Navy Shirt:
Close up:

tit pumps...? Anyone?

Rose is officially in Vegas right now:
Yep. The bestie made it there safely. She said she is having a lot of fun and drinking margaritas! Im so happy she is having fun. Her hotel is super nice. I think she comes back saturday, Im not sure. But she is enjoying herself. She left tuesday. Funny because now we are on the same time zone! Haha! We been texting back and forth.

Here she is in her Hotel, pretty much about to go in the pool. Nice romper Rose...

Here is her view from the hotel:
gorgeous view mami
It looks super fun. I miss my buddy. I wish I could be rolling with her. But man, do things happen for a reason. Yesterday, Greg and I went to this shopping mall and I could barley walk around the whole time and needed to go home and rest. I think my body is adjusting to the extra weight I am carrying around. And my legs and vagina bones are not having it. I felt so sore and my back felt crappy as well. Thank god Greg gave me a nice massage, because I was hurting. I can't run around all day like I use too. Which brings me back to Vegas. The last thing I ever wanted to be was a whiney, can't-walk-the strip, too tired, pregnant lady tagging along. I want her to have real fun and explore. I don't think I would have had the strength to run around like the old Tia.
I miss me some Rosie though.. :)

Right now this is my favorite song on Gaga's cd right now. Greg said he likes it as well. I doubt he is lying because, well, he's married to me and already gets the goods, so theres no reason to kiss! The word means "shit" in german. Great song, been singing it in my head for a while...Ekk!

"Celebrity X-Men Candiez"
Zoe Kravitz is a monster. She is beautiful, sexy, hot. I am falling in love with her. I love her look and her style is soooo Lisa Bonet (her mom). She is gonna be in X men First Class this friday, can't wait! Thought I would feature her.
Greg and I were in bed last night watching the first one. He was explaining the differences between the cartoon and the my dork :)

Did I mention that Zoe is bagging her 34 year old co star? The guy who plays the new Magneto? Get it Zoe, tee hee...

Another fucking hottie, Jennifer Lawrence.
She plays my favorite X-man Mystic...I mean c'mon, Mystic is a beast. And she plays the young one. Im so excited to see this movie! Greg so got me into action..I swear.
And is working that dress...

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystic:

Speaking of Movies:
Over the weekend, Greg and I was watching all these weird fucked up relationship movies...
One was Sid and Nancy, and wow...
What a shitty relationship.
The imagery was beautiful I have to admit. Gary Oldman needed an Oscar but it was not given.

Has anyone seen the preview of this film yet, it comes out next week. It has a very E.T feel from it. Greg wants to see it and Im getting kinda curious about it as well.
So this movie will be something we will watch after X-Men..

And this sunday, The Breaking Dawn trailer will be shown during the MTV movie awards...
And your girl..WILL BE THERE!

Mwah! Love ya'llz


  1. Cute Outfit. I hit up Old Navy last weekend too. Hubby got polos for work for 1.98. I also got a few thing to. I made a blog about it.

    I can't wait to see the trailer for Breaking dawn.

  2. Girl u are too funny !!! love the milk pic ! thank you so much for the blog love <3 <3 following u !