Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pieces Of Me: Betseyville & The Hause Of Gaga

Its almost the weekend. I think this weekend will be very fun filled. Im kinda counting down. Better yet, I know we get paid soon, hence the "I cant wait for the weekend" vibe. Tomorrow I gotta make some errands. I need body wash and stuff. The regular shit. Im going to try and NOT spend a lot of money, I seem to always fuck that up.
Either way, tomorrow will be a good day, and this weekend.
Hopefully we see Priest.
Its tradition for me to always watch a horror or gory movie every Friday The 13th...
Thats how I roll..

I wanted to do something different. I gained some new followers so I thought it would be cool to survey myself for people. Im pretty open and hold no bars. Im very honest. I'll tell anyone whatever they need to know. Some of the questions in the questionnaire are random, so you might learn something new about me you didn't know..
Women are interesting. There is always something new you never thought you would know.
So welcome into my head....

Do you like yourself?
Yeah I do, I can't lie, but I get on nerves..

Has anything annoyed you tremendously lately?
Not lately, I feel fine. Last week was a different story but..fuck it..

Have you ever hated someone in your family?
I think at one point I did, but that changed, because I loved the person regardless.

Wal-Mart, Target or K-Mart?
Defiantly Target, I mean, its just perfecto....

Whats your favorite color on an animal?
Flamingo Pink. For sure...

Have you ever peed while on the phone?
All the time...

Do people judge you all the time?
Im sure they do, but oh well...

Tell us a secret.
I like porn

Which is better? Rock or Rap?
What the one mistake people make about marriages or relationships?
They think marriage will change a relationship, not knowing thats who your gonna be with...people don't change over marriage..what you see is what you get.

What is your worst fear?
Being a failure...and bugs...

Do you find yourself sexy?
Sometimes..tee hee

Do you sleep on your stomach?
I use too...

What was your first alcoholic drink?
Have you ever dated someone older than you?
Yep. Always did.

Is there something in life you missed out on?
No. I did a lot. I actually like the way my life is going, no bullshit...

Do children or babies scare you?
They do. But I guess Im getting over it now...

Are you sane or insane?
Im a little insane, but who isn't....the most insane people are the ones who act like the have it all opinion...

What was the first thing you listened to this morning
Howard Stern

If you could re-live one memory, what would it be?
It would be seeing Lady Gaga again...

Is it hard for you to sleep alone?
No, not at all...lets hope not. Husbands in the military...

Have you ever told someone your okay when you really were not?

A guy your crushing on and your surprised by the attraction.
The Rock....oh my...
Do you believe in true love?

Whats something you regret doing?
I have no regrets...

Who is someone you look up to at this moment?
Gwen Stefani, since Im becoming a mom, I wanna look like that mom...
Are you a phone person or a text person?
Text..please don't call..its weird now....

Three things you love about your father.
Smart, funny, and caring....

Three things you love about your mother.
Loyal, open, and caring

Favorite Dessert?
Have you ever broken someones heart?
I don't think so...but mine has been shattered a few times..

If you could get surgery, would you get it?

When was the best you ever looked?
Miami..for sure...when I got married, I was 23 I think..
Favorite Smell?
Anything yankee candle!

Currently listening to?
Lupe and indie shit

Favorite Car?
That was fun...tee hee
Mia Amber Davis

I can't believe she passes, I hear it was from knee surgery. So sad. She was an amazing plus size model. It almost seems unreal.
Thought it would be nice to remember her.
She was amazing. Great looks:

She was also in the movie Road Trip if you remember...
She will be missed...

Betsey Johnson Jewelry
I love her jewelry. Not many of people like Betsey's style and fashion. Its very wacky and spazzy. Just like me. Tee hee!
Check out my wish list favs:

Its almost time for Gaga's album to come out! Im super stoked. So far she has been on many magazines and is going to be performing on Idol tonight. So watching that. I was watching her Judas video on MTV and realized how much she changed in a matter of two years. I think she has evolved so much. Her style has gone....well...kinda over the top. I liked her old style the best. When she was rocking the bad ass shades and shoulder pads. But I do miss that Gaga era.
I thought I would do the top videos of hers.
The ones that were really really good and I will never forget.
Her vision these days are awesome but they do tend to get stranger and stranger....
Here my top Gaga vids:

The Video That I Thought Kinda...Sucked...
This didn't make the list at all. I don't know. Maybe I was not ready for it. The dance was weird as well. I don't know. Born This Way was not all that great to me. It was just..okay.

Number 5
I liked this video. It seemed more Gaga to me than the rest. Even though I wish she had a longer story line. I love the song though. The theme was also pretty grand.

Number 4
I loved this video. It was so classy and 80's. The original Gaga. The style was crazy and the theme was amazing, very Warhol. I miss this Gaga, I have to say. This video was perfect.

Number 3
Her body was amazing in this, and she was not as skinny as she is now. Her leotard was fitting just right! I sounds lezzi but thats fine, because she looked amazing. The dancing was fierce, and she looked amazing....I miss her like this.

Number 2
Epic. This will go down in history. Plus she had Beyonce in the video being crazy with her. The video was 7 minutes long and was perfect. The dances was amazing as well...and her cigarette shades....I can't...

Number One
Bad Romance
The best video for me. It was such a great comeback after her after her album The Fame. And what a song. Officially the best Gaga video in my opinion...



  1. I love Gaga! I am now going to go listen to her songs! I love your top too, very casual yet cool with the shoulder details (Casual Gaga inspired?) Great post!

    Sarah Jane R.

  2. That shirt is HOT! And youre hotter!

  3. I know...that is so sad about Mia. I didn't know it was from knee surgery, when I heard, the cause of death was unknown.


  4. I love Betsy Johnson, too! The pink donkey that looks like a pinyata is on my wish list. Love her style. Have you seen her place, Betsyville in Mexico? This collection reminds me of it...all hot pink and turquoise. Also, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments!

  5. oooo loving the detailing on your top in the first pic - looks gorg :D
    omg at the car with the eyelashes - I DEFFO want one :D x

  6. Cute Tops. Girl we are almost a Like. I love cheesecake. I go pee while on the phone. Also I love Target.

  7. I love your top! really cute. loved learning a bit more about ya!