Friday, May 20, 2011

Crimson & Candy Pink Corsets: F-Me Pumpz & Lifes Stumpz

Its Friday. School is done. I woke up at 9:20 this morning. Weird dreams and many tosses and turns. Sleep has been literally impossible. You want to know about my complications with my pregnancy? Well thats it. I can't sleep. My stomach is bigger and I found out the head of my kid is right on my bladder. So I get up all the time to pee, even when Im tired as hell and can not move. I am a tummy sleeper so I can't get that comfy because thats a no-no. Its just been a bitch. My mom sent me this wedge pillow that helps but then again, it kinda does not. So Rose told me to go ahead and order this huge body pillow for myself. I might have to cough it up. So much to pay for, so little time.
I found myself waking up and thinking a lot. I couldn't sleep. My brain was wired. I sat up and realized it was 2:30 and I was worrying like always about assholes and issues. Greg must of felt me sitting up and got up with me. We talked for a bit and then went back to sleep.
(Greg, I swear...Therapist without pay)
But then she moved. I woke up again to pee, and I was up....
Man, talk about harsh nights. I hear sleep is gonna get worst, so I might as well order that pillow fast.
Anyway, back to fashion.
I rocked my corset today. I showed this shirt in the bag when I got it, and never really put an outfit together. Well, here it is. Its not tight at all, its pretty loose. Love the colors of course. I also went to the mall yesterday and got some mad jewelry and makeup..
Hot Topic had a sale...
But let me be honest.....
You know who's store has all the shit I want but I can barley fit it?
Forever 21

Oh don't get me wrong, if they have that XL or that oversize large shirt, I can wear it. But other than that, its a no go. But they have the best tribal prints there..Oh My Lord. I stepped in to take a look because the mannequins outside were teasing me with such colors...
I waltzed in and noticed I could barely pull it off...this is were the thoughts of weight loss come in...
But anyway, heres the look of the day ladies...
Corset: Torrid (I still hate them....)
Jeans: Torrid...Sorry you keep seeing these jeans, their actually very comfy and doesn't fuck with my tummy at all, plus they look good. My shaggy grey pants which I love have to stay on the shelf for a while...they hurt...

People keep saying I am rocking the pregnancy well with no harsh weight gain and no huge tummy. The side is were you see the massive human child growing. Thought I would show the side as well, just to be fair...

I love mixing prints...
Got this tusk turquoise necklace from F21...$5.90
You can NOT rock a colorful shirt and not have colorful eyes..
Well, you can but....I prefer some POW effect..
Hop Topic palette $3.97 and 50% off that..
oh yes.

Im not gonna lie to you guys. Im not. This is my vanity. Im such a fucking mess. I have no organization what so ever! My makeup is everywhere, I have brushes all over the freaking place, don't even ask where my mail polishes are...
Just thought I'd show my true self...

Hot Topics Palette:
I bought Primer, Black Smudge and Charcoal eye liner...
all under 2 dollars..

The Return Of Rose And Her Fuck Me Pumps:
Ya'll know me. I never buy shoes. I feel Im way too tall. I care too much. But my fellow bestie has a fetish for the sticked heel as Im sure most of you do. This bitch has shoes that you leave on when your about to bang. She does. Now I don't know what she does in her bedroom but I am sure she was asked once to leave them on...
Here are Rose's eye catching shoes and outfits:

Snake-skinned shoes from Ross

Fuck Rose. She got this for six fucking dollars at the Thrift Store!
Nice nude shoes

Closer shot of the nudes:

Closer shot of the snake skins:

Rose also got these yesterday, beautiful spring color..
Madden Girl 24 dollars @ DSW

Love Thy Purchases..

Celebrity Eye Candy:

Who is ready for Beyonce's album? I kinda feel its gonna be good. Now the single "Who Run The World" is pretty, egh. I hate it. The video is great but, it did not make me like the song. Its so okay. But the video was awesome. Her dancing rocked. But lets be honest, anything she touches turns to gold.

Here she is on her album

Gaga's Twit Pic

Kirsten Dunst
Rachel Adams
she always looks stunning these days... damn


Janelle Monae

Nicki Minaj
Finally, she looks good in this pic, love the print, she looks good in yellow...

Keri H. damn

Janet J.

Nicki Minajs Pants:

So it is summer, that means movies are coming out like crazy. I can't wait for this Brad Pitt movie called Tree Of Life. Another weirdo movie thats indie. Maybe we will see it next week if X Men doesn't overcome Greg as much...Tee hee...
See ya'll


  1. I LOVE your eye makeup and those shoes of rose's and that dress are darling!

  2. Love your blog as always miss thing. You look amazing preggie, I blew up like a fish at 5 months! What will be your childs name? If you don't mind me asking? Love your confidence and beauty.

  3. You have a cute baby bump. I love your eyeshadow.

  4. I love your colorful corset and pretty eyeshadow! You look gorgeous! Good luck with the sleep issues, hopefully the pillow helps. :)

    Check out my blog post on spring fashion: :)

  5. Love those shoes


  6. Those jeans are badass and I need one desperately for the summer girl. The shoes are super fierce too :)

  7. love your jeans and your hair too, amazing girl...

  8. awesomenessssssssssssssssssss love the ripped jeans x

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