Thursday, May 5, 2011

Honesty At Its Purest: Passion 4 Street Fashion

"On the phone with Rose.."

Im happy the week is ending. I can not believe its May. I feel good. School is good. Im thinking about taking classes over the summer. I really am. Mainly because I hate being bored and in the house. Maybe take up a sculpture class or something with a friend. I have to start looking now. I been feeling a bit down, and then sometimes I come back up. I will be coming home and thinking to myself, about life...
*like always*
Can I be Honest?

Hell, if I can't be honest here than I have nowhere to be honest. I hate feeling trapped so Im not gonna start now. Pretty much a couple of people are very negative about the whole pregnancy thing. The world pretty much knows now. I maybe care too much about what people say. Just when I think Im over what people say about me, I find out, Im not. I wish I was stronger in that department. I tired of being afraid to talk about it or afraid of what people are going to say. Even though people have already stated their opinions to me already.

If your new to this blog, my situation is Im married and about to have a baby girl. Financial Im set. I live on my own. But I still feel the need to prove to people this is "okay" and that this is "normal". Why am I doing this? I feel like Im fifteen in my parents house.

I want to enjoy this pregnancy. I am. With my husband and my family & friends....well, friend. The people that matter. So why do I care so much about being judged by people, even people I am close too? Should't my main focus be my future child and not them? Does this make me a bad mom for the future?

I feel so alone on this subject...don't feel like next topic...

People don't know what goes on in other peoples head. People probably look at me like Im gloating about kids and shit when Im NOT! Im a normal human being that needs to figure shit out like anyone else.
Is it wrong Im happy about this baby? Is it wrong Im happy its a girl? Is it wrong that Im fucking enjoying being pregnant?

I don't want to be that girl. That girl that worries about what people say. I don't wanna be her...
I just want to live and have people live THEIR life and not study mine?
*sad face*

Greg says when she finally gets here, people will be less..."rude"...
Hope he is right..
Of course Greg don't care, I don't tell him what people say to me or anything. He easily can hate people in a heartbeat and not give a fuck about it, so I keep it to myself. I wish I had balls like he does. I never met someone who really and honestly does not give a fuck.

Im case you wondering, people have said to me how they feel, and some just act very different towards me...its so gay...NO LIE! And they think I don't notice shit for some reason like Im FUCKING DUMB...
Sorry for the venting you guys...

Anyway, in lollipops and candyland world...Im fine.
I like to speak the truth. Im not that chick that hides her fucking feelings. Im not her. I voice it. I don't hold it in like a lot of these crazy people out here. I feel if your having an issue, say it. Never keep that shit in.

me now at 25 :)

Me at 18 years old, with purple hair....same!
I was so emo...

In The Land Of Rose:
Rose is still getting ready for Vegas. Her nephew in-laws birthday was on the 30th, so happy birthday to him. He turned one. How cute is he?? Rose is very helpful with her other fam's kids I must say...she is very loyal. Very sweet.

Street Passion 4 Fashion:

Whats better than street fashion? Its raw, uncut, and real. People who actually walk around everyday in their fashionable shit and their not famous. Its rare seeing stylish people who are "normal" with regular bank accounts... So here they are..

Wool Ready:
her tights are so bad ass, and the green makes the outfit awesome....winning..

Boho Moroccan:
By far my favorite...head wrap in to die for...
Hippie & Earthie:
very african influenced yet very new york punk...

Tropical Beige:
colorful yet dull = perfection

Trenched & See Through:
I love the shoes and the coat...
Jean Rags & Oxfords:
I love the elephant shirt! And the vintage Oxfords of course...
Fur & Uptown Class:
The bag actually killed my soul...loves it
Pale Pink & Easter Blue:
Love the mixes of pink and that bright blue....awesome

Can I Be Honest:

Lets be honest. Everyones pregnancy is different. Everyones labor is different. We all have our superstitions and what have you. I think its beautiful when woman pose nude with their pregnant bellies. I think if done right, it looks amazing. Some people, like my Mom, blew up like I fucking blimp. And she claims people thought she was carrying twins. And some like my moms friend, did not gain a pound, only in her stomach. Some have hard pregnancies and some have easy pregnancies.
Mariah Carey, looks bad.
Im not trying to be mean. She is a beautiful woman. But I think she needs to chill out with trying to be sexy while being pregnant with two humans in her belly. Her photo shoot was more "look at me being hot and preggie" than "look at me embracing my pregnant stomach"...
Am I the only one who thinks she looks a hot mess? I do not no, maybe its me. But she sure looks different. She did not gain a lot of weight but her face seems very swollen.
I mean wow! Her nose!
Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, we all gain weight somewhere, its your it right...
Sometimes you don't need to be naked showing your bulge...
Pregnancy Win
Tia Mowry
Now personally I think this is beautiful. She looks stunning. She is smiling. She doesn't have the sexy face. I love it. This is to show Im not saying preggie girls shouldn't do this look, some can!
I think you have to go about it the right way...
Tia looks amazing.

Unfortunately, I'll never have a picture like this below..
*sad face*
moves on....

cute :)

Enough with the Preggerz...

Back to the skinny minnies...

Celebrity Candies:

Kelly O.
Please don't kill me you guys. I love her. I love the fact she is so punk yet she isn't. I love everything about her. Even since high-school I loved her. I think she is epic....

Kelly O. and Fergie

Taylor M.
Khole K.

Helen M.
Thats a bad bitch! She has got all grey in her hair and she is rocking it. Nice leather jacket, and leopard print dress....I can't...
Major win!

I know ya'll are sick of her but how can ya'll be? Her look changes every damn minute and I love it. I love the mermaid hair.
she is sooo hot...
Wurk Gwerrllllll!

Ashlee S.
I love her style, I just do...

Dita Von Tease

Eva Pigford
Girlfriend is doing it! Maybe she got a raise on that modeling career because she is kill'em..
Love the leggings...

Katy Perry
Love Celebs, they wear what I can't...
*tee hee*

So the video comes out tonight. Bout time. But I feel since they had it in a vault that the hype is all up right now. I hope its not corny. She always puts a lot of work into her videos, I just hope this succeeds my expectations. I personally think it should have been out to watch...but people want count-downs...
*side eye*

A piece from Judas the video:
beautiful shot, maybe it won't be so bad... I'll report back tomorrow....
and last but not least...
this is for you...
love you all..

and be true to yourself.....


  1. I'm sorry you are feeling like this especially during your pregnancy. I sincerely pray things get better for you. This should be a happy time. It's hard not to worry what others think or have to say about you. But I say don't worry about it. You said yourself you're married and live on your own. You have your own yes you can LIVE, you are living...and under your own roof.

    Please try not to stress or let these things bother you You don't need the added stress, its not healthy for you or the baby.

    And you're right about But Tia does look great!

  2. Hi Tia, I have been following your blogger for awhile now. Im going to be honest with you. People especially women are not gonna be happy for you at all as time goes on. Look at who you surround yourself with. Are they happy? Are they married? Is their partner as sweet and good to you as your husband is? I bet you there not. Jealousy and envy is a tricky thing. I would surround myself with women who are like you. Woman who have children and are happy, and not bitter because their lives are not yours.
    I know I do not know your life, but at the age of thirty six and the amount of children I have, and with my happiness with my husband, Im sure Im right...
    You will be fine.

  3. You're happy, married, on your own, and doing it well. Children is the next step. It's really as it should be. And I think you'll be a great mom. Don't worry so much about everyone else. Let them haters hate. You're going to raise an amazing little girl that likes vampires and fast cars, artwork and building shit.

  4. Hey, I just happened upon your blog with a few clicks.... I don't really know your full situation. I'm a few years older than you and pregnant with my first baby- a little girl. I'm having complictions in my pregnancy so I am here to tell you- screw what people say and feel... enjoy your time being pregnant and focus on all things baby and family. Sometimes you will have to cut some folks out of your life but you WILL be alright. You are carrying a blessing!

  5. Hey girl! I understand how you are feeling down about this. I have never heard of anyone talking shit about a family who are starting off a new life together and welcoming a new member to their little home. I say you should be proud of yourself. for being smart and having your life together. The people who are talkign are just jealous, that is jealousy and misery, and you know what they say "misery loves company" so they want to get you down because they cant stand that you are happy and actually having a nice life. You are not a bad mother, you are worried about your childs future with these people involved, every mother wants to prtect her child and thats what you are doing. It sound like a touch situation, but you gotta remember you are smart and gorgeous! Plus you are having a girl, and with your sense of stlye she will be stylin straight from the womb :)

    hope you feel better soon and dont worry about the haters! You are better than them and that should mean something!

    Anita RIot

  6. Girl, you stop worrying about what other people think and be happy and blessed. HATERS are going to HATE. When people see good things going for you, their intial reaction is to be mean and neagative.

    Even though we have never personally met, I am so happy for you and Gregg and this lovely little lady your bringing into the world. You guys are young and doing it and people are just JEALOUS!!

    If you need me to slap a few people around, let me know...LOL!

  7. I don't even cuss but hearing how others are treating you during this supposed to be most wonderful time in your life has pissed me off. I can't even say more because I will say some things that aren't nice. I will say this...your pregnancy is a blessing from God and you and your husband have to raise that beautiful gift....NO ONE else so they need to back up off you! Kiah